No MPs, but Gorkhas want say on N-deal

KOLKATA: They might not have a single elected representative in any panchayat, forget parliament. Nevertheless the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) hopes to gain from the chaos over the Indo-US nuclear deal.


That is because the key to winning any seat in the hills lies with the Gorkha movement. Earlier, the Subhas Ghising-led Gorkha National Liberation Front’s support was crucial, now the GJM has usurped the role. Darjeeling sends one member to the Lok Sabha. It has seven assembly constituencies. GJM spokesman Roshan Giri said they were not concerned with the N-deal: “Our headache is Gorkhaland and whoever supports us is our friend.”

A GJM delegation recently warned Congress MP from Darjeeling, Dawa Narbula, that if he voted for the UPA without prior written commitment from the PM for Gorkhaland, he wouldn’t be able to enter the hills.  (DNA)