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Commando force

Commando force

GJM\'s new strategy
No strike but prayer: GJM\

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  1. THE MASTER STRATEGIST……………. Bimal Gurung may be a master strategist and a woer of the Nari Morcha and the general masses – but he is also a grave sinner….. His record has shown that he is a murderer, extortionist, womanizer, cheat and a thief…… While the Gorkhas are awed and intimidated by his meteoric rise to power for the achievement…. let us not forget the rise of Hitler and his strategies…. BREAKING NEWS IS THAT: On 1st July 08, his house at Takvar was gheraoed for making yet two more innocent girls pregnant when he already has two wives….. It was conveniently hushed up. WHERE ARE ALL THE “INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS FROM THE TELEGRAPH, THE STATESMAN, TIMES OF INDIA, THE HINDU, ETC………….Using Bimal Gurung currently may be a good strategy to achieve Gorkhaland by the GORKHAS……….and the communist WB govt deserve just such a leader to out-maneuver them …. but after that he must be eliminated as a sinner for the greater good of the Gorkhas or else they will be doomed…..Time alone will tell as we see this dreaded story of the RISE and FALL of Bimal Gurung…. All Indians keep a keen eye open for what is unfolding…… THE GORKHA CONSCIENCE

  2. I and we support him becouse thisd is not our voice but voice of People of Himalayas. I support and I Praying for this agitation and Bimal Gurung.
    we want GORKHALAND.
    thank you
    Raju Nepali

  3. It is very right that only time will tell us how Mr.Bimal Gurung and GJMM will fare with the ongoing movement for a separate state of GORKHALAND,but this (the uprising and the consequent movement) was the neccesity of the moment. Well ,it wil be a very monotonous story to illustrate as to why and what led to this sudden and flabbergasting upheavel in the politics of the hills and the adjoining region….but as the saying goes ,we shall see…..I am glad that after a very long time the GORKHAS(ethnic indian nepali speaking people) have voluntered for an important cause as this.It is highly recomendable that the state of GORKHALAND be formed because of numerous reasons

  4. I would like to say that it is right that they are ignored from their right.West bengal had not looked the hill areas carefully.In fact the whole north bengal.I know some people thinks that as BANGALI i dont need to say in this way.But I would like to enlighten one thing.
    Can u say how many universities is present in North bengal.
    There is lots of points can be enlighted.But I think this is enough to understand that how much is taking care to us who living in north bengal.
    we have to understand and take a proper step to it.Because it will affect on us.

  5. DEMAND OF SILIGURI/DOOARS IN GORKHALAND: ethnic riots in the North Bengal seems imminent. The state of West Bengal stands at a crucial juncture, where an ethnic riot in the North Bengal region of Darjeeling seems imminent. The fresh demand of Gorkhaland that has been brought forth by the newly formed political front of Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJMM), rejecting the option of including the Darjeeling hills under the Sixth Schedule provisions of the Constitution, has brought in a new dimension to Bengal politics. Demanding the inclusion of Siliguri and the Dooars belt in the proposed state has turned into a perturbing issue for the Left Front government of West Bengal and remain a difficult matter to handle. Siliguri remains to be the corridor of not only the hill cities of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Gangtok but also the North Eastern states of India, which provides the city not only a strategic fore point but has also turned it into an economic hub in the last two decades. When the previous Gorkhaland issue was taken up in the eighties, Siliguri was a junction from where a traveler used to choose ones conveyance to travel to the tourism destinations of the Hills. Today, one comes to Siliguri in search of business making it a lucrative economic destination. Due to such development, there has been a systematic ethno demographic movement of the hill people towards the valley before the GJMM demand was made, of including Siliguri and the Dooars belt within the demanded separate state of Gorkhaland in India. The GJMM, a suddenly formed political front, established after a rioting in Siliguri last September, in relation to the incident of a private radio channel’s critical remarks regarding the sudden rise of Prashant Tamang, an Indian Idol aspirant, has fully changed the political dimension of the politics of North Bengal. The Government of West Bengal had remained passive regarding the issue of development of the hills after the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) was provided significant autonomy in the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Accord in 1988. But the DGHC has been more or less irresponsible in the handling of the situation of the hills, looking into the increasing water crisis, land distribution problems, education and employment, health and sanitation issues, and a basic lack of transparency in the distribution of economic packages to various sectors of the hill economy. No proper democratic elections, auditing and public accountability in seat sharing within the council created a sense of alienation amongst the GNLF party members and the masses. The demand for including the Darjeeling Hills in the Sixth Schedule by the GNLF which was tacitly supported by the West Bengal Government and the Central government was a death knell to the aspirations of ever having a separate state of ‘Gorkhaland’. The time was ripe as the leading Left Front, especially the Communist Party of India (Marxist), suffered a setback in the recently held Panchayat elections on the issues of industrialisation and agrarian land acquisition. Fighting a factional Left Front was lot easier than to bargain with a united Left Front. The sudden and swift ouster of the hill supremo and the ‘uncrowned King of the Hills’ Subhash Ghising as the chief administrator of the Hill Council and the more or less, total dismissal of the GNLF members from the Council was surely not foreseen by the West Bengal Government. The rise of GJMM has also given life shots to the Kamtapuri Liberation Movement and the Greater Coochbehar Movement, putting the entire future of the North Bengal region in a delicate balance. There is no doubt that Bimal Gurung and his associates, the leadership of GJMM, has been able to muster support not only from the people living in the Hills but also has received significant moral support from the intelligentsia and influential political members from the neighbouring state of Sikkim. The fact cannot be denied that the general living conditions of the people of the hills has not improved after the Darjeeling Hill Accord was signed but one cannot be overtly optimistic to surmise that the solution to the suffering of the people of the Hills can only be through the creation of a new state. That might provide a temporary recognition to the ethnic identity, but there are examples galore that even resource rich states like Jharkhand, after being separated from Bihar has not been able to solve the problems that it suffered from being a portion of the latter. The state still suffers from political instability, gross unemployment and illiteracy, and economic misappropriations of state funds and resources by influential government and civilian members of the state. That has also been the case in Uttarakhand and Chhatisgarh. On top of that, except tourism, teak and tea, survivability of the proposed state of Gorkhaland seems to be difficult. As some of the prominent political elements of the State government belong from the region, Siliguri has turned into the largest city of Bengal after Kolkata within the last ten years. By demanding the inclusion of Siliguri and the Dooars belt within the proposed “Gorkhaland”, the fate of the numerous non-hill people who resides in the valley region is at stake. Some recent incidents have made it clear that those residing in the valley are not at all eager to change their state just because there has been a major influx of people from the hills in these regions. Recent clashes between the supporters of the GJMM and masses opposed to the demand of ‘Gorkhaland’ in Siliguri and Hamiltanganj(Kalchini Block) on the 12th of June 2008, and 10th December, 2008 forced district administrators to clamp Section 144 throughout the city of Siliguri and Hamiltanganj, a census city along with the RAF and the Para Military forces assisting the local police in handling the volatile law and order situation. Those residing in the valley region have taken up the legitimacy issue of the demand for “Gorkhaland”. The question of the status of citizenship of those who migrated from Nepal for residing in the hills after the 1950 India Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty have been put up. It has been asked that migrated populaces being beneficiaries of the treaty cannot ask for separate statehood, as their status of citizenship is not yet clear. Clause VII of the treaty states: ‘The Government of India and Nepal agree to grant, on a reciprocal basis, to the nationals of one country in the territories of the other, the same privileges in the matter of residence, ownership of property, participation in trade and commerce, movement and other privileges of a similar nature.’ In short, Nepalis living in India had residency rights but not the citizenship rights. It is obvious that the present political situation has taken a dimension that would be difficult to diffuse in the forthcoming days. The Chief Minister, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has arranged for an all party meeting to discuss the present situation and its probable solutions, if any on the 17th of June. He has also invited members of the GJMM on the next day to discuss on the issues of development of the Hills, which they have declined immediately. The Chief Minister has made it clear that his government is not eager to have any talks with GJMM having Gorkhaland as an agenda. The West Bengal government will certainly not agree to part with the second largest city of the state and the fastest economically growing city of the nation for nothing. GJMM also will have to remain adamant and change tactics if necessary for their own political survival demanding nothing less than a separate state of their own. The multiple hunger strikes interspersed with clashes with state government officials has been the present strategy that is being used by the party. The people of the hills are experiencing incessant strikes for the last one month, which has brought significant suffering for the tourists who were present in the Hills. The strikes also have brought friction between the business communities in Sikkim, as they solely rely on the road links from Siliguri passing through the Darjeeling Hills for their daily basic necessities. The political and economic dimension has given birth to a Catch-22 situation. There are not many ways of coming out of the current political mess. One option for the two parties remains to be the initiation of an immediate dialogue process under the mediation and supervision of the Central Government between the West Bengal Government and delegation of the GJMM. Members of the GJMM have demanded for such tripartite talks. Though past talks have not sufficed any positive vibes but it remains to be one of the only peaceful options visible. The second option is more drastic which is moving ahead for a sort of centrally controlled referendum, which surely GJMM won’t agree to. Especially, in the Siliguri and Dooars belt, hill people remain to be a feeble minority. The only viable future that seems to be waiting for GJMM is a further breakup within the party bringing in demands of a new shape and form, which might be more acceptable not only to the people of the Hills but also of the valley as well as the people of the state or North Bengal is going to experience one of the worst kinds of economic blockades which might lead to ethnic rioting giving birth to fresh new problems than solving any.

  6. The Gorkhaland issue first got prominence under the leadership of Subhas Ghising of the GNLF. The man lead a rather bloody struggle to achieve Gorkhaland, but then abandoned the struggle after the formation of the Darjeeling Hill Council. He got the power he so terribly wanted (evidently) and then ruled like a tyrant for 20 years. He had the power and the money, now why should he go on bothering on issues like development? And then steps into the scene the young and ambitious Bimal Gurung. He takes the cue from Guru Ghising and starts his morning walk following his footsteps. He forms his own party, proclaims his aim to achieve Gorkhaland and helps BJP win the Darjeeling LS seat. And if Gurung achieves Gorkhaland then after a period of time there will be yet another guy who will revolt against Gurung and form yet another party and then demand independence. The cycle will continue as history repeats itself. My argument is that if Bimal Gurung really cares about development (as he professes in his huge rallies) then he can very easily do so in the present framework. Formation of a whole new state will do little in such a situation, unless of course, Gurung wants a personal fiefdom. Ghising had his DGHC, Gurung wants his own state. Rest of the story will be similar I guess – a single party state, a single leader, concentration of all the resources and power in one hand leading to – corruption and tyranny. Thinking rationally, Gurung doesn’t even have an premise for his demands. The West Bengal Government doesn’t suppresses the people, nor their culture or traditions. For development DGHC is there. There is complete freedom and all the Gorkhas enjoy exactly the same rights as everybody else. And remember the more the number of governments, the more will be the common man taxed to elect and support the huge entourage of ministers (and deputy ministers, and bureaucrats, and cars, and buildings, and of course more corruption).And if they think that Gorkhaland is required to save their identity, its all fine.

  7. According to them,
    “The main reason for the demand for a separate state is the assertion of an Indian identity for the Gorkhas. Such an identity cannot be bestowed by any locally envisaged administrative systems. These are meant only for economic upliftment and social development.”

    But then that rule must be applied to all minority communities throughout India. For example lets take a look at West Bengal after applying this rule —
    West Bengal can be broken up into 6 parts – Darjeeling, Cooch Bihar, Kamtapur, Santhal dominated areas, Murshidabad (for Muslims) and proper West Bengal.
    Applying this rule we get some 90-100 states in India, and I wonder how possibly India could survive then.

  8. Irrational, illogical & impractical
    Irrational – because in today’s India no state would be granted only on the basis on language and it shouldn’t be also as it will increase more regional hatred and a living example is the NE India and it means granting state to everybody who would demand state only on linguistic grounds. And more people of the demarcated Gorkhaland don’t want Gorkhaland. And it will be another state that cannot be economically feasible and has to depend on the Central Govt. Where people failed to run a simple counsil properly how can one expect that a state can be administered properly?

    Illogical – because there cannot be logic to form a new state that if some part of the population of a state is culturally/linguistically differ from the majority population of a state. There are no historical grounds as Darjeeling belonged to Sikkim once and kalimpong & Duars belonged to Bhutan. And overwhelmingly majority of the population of the area (Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri & Coachbihar District) are against creation of Gorkhaland.

  9. Impracticle because as per Article 3 of the Indian Contitution:
    Formation of new States and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing States
    Parliament may by law:
    1. Form a new State by separation of territory from any State or by uniting two or more States or parts of States or by uniting any territory to a part of any State
    2. Increase the area of any State
    3. Diminish the area of any State
    4. Alter the boundaries of any State
    5. Alter the name of any State [Provided that no Bill for the purpose shall be introduced in either House of Parliament except on the recommendation of the President and unless, where the proposal contained in the Bill affects the area, boundaries or name of any of the States, the Bill has been referred by the President to the Legislature of that State for expressing its views thereon within such period as may be specified in the reference or within such further period as the President may allow and the period so specified or allowed has expired.]

    But there is no possibility at all that either Congress or Trinimool or Leftist parties recommending the President to float such Bill in the Parliament. And BJP to form the state government in West Bengal is not possible and congress won’t axe its own feet in West Bengal going against the will majority of people.

  10. Gorkhaland comprising of Hills of Darjeeling i.e. Three hill subdivisions of Kurseong, Kalimpong and Darjeeling along with the plain land of Siliguri and Dooars is an overaambitious misconception and nothing else.Mr. Gurung is highly unpopular amongst over 90% population of the plains people.Not only his demand of adding Siliguri and Dooars into the map of the misconception of Gorkhaland but also the demand of any state like Gorkhaland has been opposed very strongly by all irrespective of community, caste, religion or creed of the people of the plains.Mr. Gurung is not our leader and he has no right to decide where we will stay or what is our future.He is not our destiny maker.We the people of Siliguri and Dooars irrespective of any community consider Mr. Gurung as a disturbance and hindrance to our development and economic growth.He has also lost the the faith of the peace loving , positive minded people of Sikkim by blocking their roads and keeping them land locked.He talks of democracy and drives away innocent tourists from Darjeeling in a horrible state.Mr. Gurung claims he is democratic and passes remarks that even police authority will be driven out and he will create his own police force.It seems he has no respect for the Constitution of India. Many times in TV he passed vulgar remarks against Mr. Bhattercharjee.I remember him telling”Agar Ma ka Doodh piya hai to Darjeeeling me Sabha karke dikhiye”. If such is his remarks what will he teach his next generation of Darjeeling.
    Mr. Roshan Giri had no positive answer to what will he develop if he gets a state to run.Yesterday he remarked Gorkhaland demand was a 100year old demand.Mr Roshan Giri seems to be very weak in Indian history.100 years ago it was the British rule when the principle demand of any patriotic Indian was an independent motherland and not states like Bengal , Bihar or Orissa.Mr. Roshan Giri should go through a self development programme on Indian history and knowledge about our country as a whole before claiming himself as a leader.

  11. Yes dude Darjeeling was and still is a beautiful destination. But for how long ??
    It is the Gorkhas there who are responsible for the sorry state of affairs in Darjeeling. There was rampant thievery of timber resources by the GNLF Counsellors during Ghisings era resulting in the landslides we hear of now. The Gorkha led administration settled thousands upon thousands of migrants from Nepal into this area resulting in unprecedented growth in population which is the cause of the massive deforestation, garbage problems , water problems , unemployment , landslides etc. and all related problems we have come to associate with Darjeeling. According to the Cencus of 2002 the population growth in the Darjeeling area alone was at 45% which was far above the district , state and national levels.
    This sudden and enormous growth in population coupled with the unprecedented corruption of the Ghising rule is the reason for all the greivances of the Hill folk and the reason why Darjeeling is slowly loosing its title as “the queen of the Hills”.

    Then in the recent times there is this new found hostility towards Bengalis that the people in Darjeeling have managed to acquire thanks to the persistent hate speeches by the Nepali leadership in the hills. How is a tourist supposed to feel safe in such an environment ??
    The eviction and assault on tourists by these GJMM rowdies has done serious damage to the tourism industry of Darjeeling and to the reputation of Nepalis as simple , secular hill folk.
    With power hungry , sadistic morons at the helm of this Gorkhaland movement I don’t see the faith of the tourists in the hospitality of Darjeeling being restored any time soon.

  12. What did the Nepalis have to do with the Kanchanjunga being there or infact with the Teesta , Rangeet , red panda or anything in the Darjeeling region of natural significance. Did you put them there ???

    History shows that the Nepalis have no claim whatsoever to this region !! Prove me wrong if you can !!
    They have only successfully been able to migrate in massive numbers into this region reducing the original inhabitants to a hopeless minority. The Nepalis have through unabated corruption and through massive illegal construction reduced this region to a concrete jungle , not to mention the large scale illegal deforestation carried out by the Nepali Counsellors of the Ghising era.

    The Sano Rail was built by the British albiet with Nepali labour. So if construction workers build a house for someone and get paid for their work , can these workers claim the house as their own ??? This Darjeeling rail is run with the Indian taxpayers money. Period.

    The historical monastries belong to the original inhabitants of this region – the Bhutias… and some belong to the refugee Tibetans .

    What has the Nepali people done for this region apart from blatant corruption , nepotism , deforestation , unending migration and pursuing their unholy interests of separatism and political activism through violence and intimidation ???

    For all your inadequacies, incompetence and poor administrative skills do not pass the buck on the States lap. The failure of the DGHC is the result of the greed and corruption of the Nepali people themselves and not due to some self-concieved myth of Bengali discrimination you guys are so capable of ranting about.

    Lastly, we don’t need to stop the tourists from coming into Darjeeling. You guys are doing a very good job of evicting them and then beating them up yourselves.

  13. Well let’s not go into the history so much and debate on who is refugee and who are not. Let’s be practical and consider everyone residing here as Indian citizen and also let all the Bengalis & Nepalis living under threat in North Eastern states of India come and settle here in this region if they want. But if some one is much interested in the history and wants to clear all his/her doubts, one can search the net and read the History of this region or go through various available books, one can reads on Kirat kingdom called Bijaypur; Treaty of Sigauli; Treaty of Titaliya; Treaty of Sinchula; 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship; Memorandum of Settlement of DGHC; the History of Bengal and of its Partition; and the history behind the formation of Bangladesh.
    As far as Gorkhaland is concerned, I don’t support it as because it would only give rise to communal feeling in India, in entire North East India in particular, as there are many such demand for such states in North East India and all of them have to be met by the Central govt. if Gorkhaland is given. And more over Gorkaland is practically impossible for numerous reasons. But definitely people have the right to demand anything that India Constitution Permits in a Democratic way. But I don’t feel GJM is following any democratic way of agitation.

  14. Demanding Gorkhaland just for identity crisis makes no sense. If Identity is what everyone needs for a better living then why would Nepalese citizen leave their nation and to go other European countries for job and better living; why do all other communities leave their respective states in India and go to developed countries and settle there; why do Nepalese and Bangladeshis come to India. Well I feel what al what everyone needs is a happy life with freedom and dignity. But yes it’s true that some people due to lack of knowledge calls an Indian Bengali as Bangladeshi and an Indian Gorkha as Nepalese citizen. Having a separate state in the age of globalization can never solve this problem, only a better educated society can give us that knowledge and mentality to love and respect every community on India.
    I feel Gorkhaland agitation will only lead to unrest in the entire region and the North Bengal may become another Kashmir/Assam. Only peace & harmony in the region can pave the way for development and prosperity of the region and its people. The only practical solution what I feel is an Autonomous Counsel that can address all the local problems on the people of the area and make the counsel members accountable.

  15. please do as like chinese

  16. Well whats now … GJM is abou to sign te historical accord of Gorkhaland Territorial Administration??

  17. Dear

    sir, i want to saw himalaya darpan nepali daily newspaper but not sawn on my desktop please up date on my desktop.

  18. sir, iam aregular reader of ahimalay darpan nepali daily newspapers,but acouple of weeks ago iam unfortunate enough to read my fovourite newspapers this is because of not uploaded in internet .

  19. gorkhaland pani hamro lagi ake sapna nai bhayo ani hamro so callled leaders ko nimti ake maghi khanay bhara….its really sad…!!

  20. I Like Nepali patrika

  21. हामी गोर्खा हौ हामीलाई पनि गोर्खाल्याण्ढ राज्य अधिकार छ किनकी हाम्रो पितापुर्खाले नाम कमाएका छन् हिन्दुतान आजादीको लडाईमा ठूलो काम गरेका छन् गोर्खाल्याण्ढ सरकारले दिनै र्पछ। जय गोर्खाल्याण्ढ

  22. महोदय,हिमालय दर्पण यो पत्रिका मेरो खास पत्रिका हो तर मैले खास खबर(हेडलाईन)मात्र पडनु पाउदै छु पुरा समाचार पडनु सकिन किनकी यसमा झुम सिश्टम छैन अरु हिन्दी पत्रिका तिर झुम सिश्टम छ यदि यसमा पनि यो झुम सिश्टम भय राम्रो हुने थियो किनकी अईलेको खबरहरु निकै गरम गरम छ गोर्खालाइन को आषा जिऊदो छ तर भाका पो कसो छ पुर्खाको रगत अनि भारत देशमा उहिले देखि बसोबासो गर्दै आयेको हाम्रो अधिकारलाई भारत सरकारले सुईकार गरि दिनुनै पर्छ, इति जय गोर्खा जय गोर्खालाइन।

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  24. Good news……

  25. Sir, will u plz send me latest todays news,I hope u will…….

  26. खै प्रतिभाको कदर ?
    प्रकाशनकालदेखि नै म नियमितरूपले हिमालय दर्पण पढदैछु । अाजकल यस पत्रिकामा मेरा रचनाहरु प्रकाशित हुनै छाडयो के कारणले हो बुझनै सकिन । गान्तोक सिक्किमबाट धेरै लेख रचनाहरु पठाइसके अझैसम्म एउटै रचनाहरु पनि प्रकाशित नहुनु धेरै दुखको कुरा हो क्रमशः भएपनि स्थान दिनु पर्ने हो । प्रकाशित गर्नु नगर्नु तपाईहरुको अधिकारभित्र को कुरा हो जाबो एउटा पाठक गुमेर के हुन्छ भन्ने विचार लिनुहुँदैन तर तपाईहरुको भनाइ र गराइमा यहाँ कुनै सामाञ्यजन्सता देखिन ।
    तपाईंको एक नियमित पाठक
    युवराज घलेभाइ
    गान्तोक पूर्व सिक्किम ।

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