Gorkhaland scenario

‪#‎Gorkhaland‬ Scenario: Govt is trying their best to stop the current Gorkhaland movement by hook or crook. what have they done till now: Divided terai ‪#‎dooars‬ and ‪#‎darjeeling‬ hills, Tried to bring the ‪#‎Lepcha‬ Council in between,Arrests of some prominent leaders based on old legal cases, tried to clamp down the freedom of information, Illegalised the bandh and the janta‪#‎curfew‬, tried to gain sympathy from the public by trying to provide relief, at regular interval they acted as maniac by derogatory statements to invoke the fury of masses BUT…… all failed. What have we done: The agitation started with ‪#‎GJM‬‘s programme and converted into all parties programme, the agitation became a revolution of people for the identity and justice. As far as I see the movement is not in the hands of Bimal Guruing, he is only our representative for the demand of Gorkhaland. The advent of professor Mahendra P lama is an added value so is of Mr Munish Tamang. The confluence of Intellect and street management has given a shock to the state adminstration.
What could they do? They will play the communal card as played by CPM in ’80s, they will play the card of terrorism (arms struggle) Ajay Dahal might be the another target for the state.
The question is how long can we as a public sustain the movement or revolution? How far our leaders sustain the struggle? will they give up and passify the public or will they encourage the peoiple to fight till we get Gorkhaland? – Prasanna Dewan


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