West Bengal govt, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha on collision course

DARJEELING: The state government and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha seem headed for a direct confrontation in Darjeeling, with the administration relentless in its crackdown on GJM cadres and the Gorkhaland activists warning that the situation in the Hills could go “out of control”. 
Morcha chief Bimal Gurung is likely to meet Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi in Delhi in a day or two to place his demand for a Gorkhaland state, say GJM sources.
Police have arrested 111 Morcha activists, including at least 26 Gorkhaland Personnel, during the current wave of unrest, sending out a strong signal to the GJM leadership. Sixteen GLP cadres, all of them women, were arrested from Gorubathan in Kalimpong on Monday. They were charged with blocking roads and cutting phone wires and remanded in 14 days’ judicial custody.
Home secretary Basudeb Banerjee, who met police officers and Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) principal secretary R D Meena at Richmond Hill here on Tuesday evening, is learnt to have instructed the authorities to deal sternly with law-breakers and reopen old cases against Morcha leaders and activists.
The Morcha is seething against the crackdown. “Innocent people are being arrested and framed in false cases. This is a sinister tactic to provoke more unrest and create panic in order to disturb our peaceful movement. If this continues, the situation will go out of control,” said GJM assistant general secretary Binay Tamang. He warned that the atmosphere in Darjeeling could get charged up and “anything could happen” under such circumstances.
What kept passions aflame in the Hills on Tuesday was the arrest of GJM central committee member and Bimal Gurung’s close aide Anit Thapa late Monday evening. Police said Thapa, a GTA member from Kurseong, was wanted in six cases, including a non-bailable one. He has been remanded in judicial custody for 14 days. The spate of arrests brought thousands of protestors out on the streets in Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong on Tuesday. “The police are forciblyarresting innocent people and leaders and implicating them in false cases. We will be left with no option but to intensify the agitation,” said Tamang.
GTA deputy chief executive and GLP in-charge Colonel (retired) Ramesh Allay accused the government of trying to “provoke the agitators to give the movement a violent turn”. “The GLPs arrested on Monday were merely posted at the construction site of Gorubathan Degree College. The government is provoking us and trying to test our patience,” he said.
Sources said that the home secretary asked the police to continue with the crackdown on GLP personnel. Banerjee wanted to know the situation in GTA after Gurung’s resignation and asked Meena to submit a report on the possible alternatives to keep GTA functioning without Morcha participation. (Source:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/West-Bengal-govt-Gorkha-Janmukti-Morcha-on-collision-course/articleshow/21665221.cms )

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  2. Jai Gorkha!! Jai Gorkha Land!! Why is it necessary to create Gorkha Land? Gorkhas are the only original inhabitants of Gorkha Land. They are living in Gorkha Land for more than 100 (hundreds) of years. Even after 66 (sixty six) years of Indian Independence, they have to live under Bengal British Government and they are treated like an alien by the dictatorship rule imposed on them. Their demand for statehood is the oldest (106 years old demand). The creation of Gorkha Land is not the division of Bengal it is only the re-organization of those areas which were never a part of West Bengal (ample documents are in hand as a proof). Gorkhas have no similarities with the people living in other parts of West Bengal (i) Their language is entirely different to that of the people residing in other parts of Bengal.(ii) Gorkhas have a different style of dressing, they do not wear dhoti and kurta.(iii)They have a different food habit which are entirely different from those living in other parts of West Bengal.(iv) Customs and traditions of Gorkhas do not have any similarities with that of the people of plains of West Bengal.(v) So far the land topography of Gorkha Land is concerned it is entirely different to that of other parts of West Bengal which means that they are environmentally different. They are so tortured by the Bengal Government that the T.V. channel which is the only source entertainment has been cut off today itself by them. Great Gorkha Freedom Fighter like Durga Malla laid down his life for the sake of Indian Freedom. Gorkha Army guard the border every day and give their lives for the sake of their country, India. When the Gorkhas are sacrificing so much for their country, why now, are they being called foreigners and outfits by the West Bengal Government. It seems so unfair that the Gorkhas are not been able to enjoy their freedom till date. As the areas of Gorkha Land souly belongs to the Gorkhas so the state of Gorkha Land must be given to the Gorkhas at any cost by the Government of India.
    Jai Gorkha!! Jai Gorkha Land!! Jai Bharatmata!!

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