DOOARS TERAI: Gorkhaland not part of talks

FROM THE TELEGRAPH Jaigaon, Dec. 1: Leaders of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and the Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad today penned an agreement that aims at reducing tensions between the supporters of both the parties in the Terai and Dooars area of north Bengal. Morcha spokesperson and central committee member Harka Bahadur Chhetri and adviser to the Parishad Kiron Kalindi inked the deal at the Agrasan Bhavan in Madarihat today. “We have agreed to reduce tensions between our supporters in the region and it has been decided that leaders of both the sides should meet regularly in order review the situation. Rumours that are spread and baseless allegations that are levelled are to be dealt with speed and it should be ensured that things do not go out of hand. We are here to live in harmony and there should be no room for misunderstandings between us,” Chhetri said after the meeting. On several occasions the supporters of the two outfits had come to blows especially with a section of tea garden workers joining the Morcha bandwagon in recent times. The latest violence was on November 9, when alleged Parishad supporters attacked the house of the vice-president of the Morcha’s Jaigaon branch, Indra Bahadur Chhetri in Bharnobari tea estate for campaigning for the party-backed candidate for the Kalchini byelections. The houses of two other Morcha supporters, Bharat Chhetri and Asit Thapa in the same garden, were also ransacked. Raju Bara, a Parishad leader and seven others were arrested by the Hasimara police for the ransacks, sparking protests by the Adivasi body. Incidentally, the Morcha had tasted its first success in electoral politics in the plains and not the hills with the victory of the Independent it had backed in Kalchini, which is part of the Dooars. “I remember chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee challenging me to win an election when I raised the issue of the (inclusion of the) Dooars (in Gorkhaland) at one of our meetings in Calcutta. He had snubbed us on Dooars and I had staged a walkout. The vic-tory in Kalchini is a slap in Bhattacharjee’s face,” Morcha president Bimal Gurung had said on the day the results were announced. “We will now say there is a mandate for Gorkhaland even in the Dooars and this stand will figure prominently in the next round of talks,” he had added. However, neither Gorkhaland nor the inclusion of the Dooars and the Terai in the state was discussed at today’s meeting. Rajesh Lakra, the secretary of the Dooars-Terai committee’s of the Parishad, said on November 15, the Morcha’s organising secretary for the region Samuel Gurung had written to the Adivasi outfit, asking for a meeting. “We held a meeting at Banarhat on Sunday to decide on a response and it was decided that we would sit today and sort out matters. We thought we would talk about bringing tensions down and the development of the region for common good,” Lakra said. The state committee secretary of the Parishad, Birsa Tirkey, however, said the issue of the demand for Gorkhaland was unimportant. “Today’s meeting was for peace and progress, but the demand for a separate state or Gorkhaland cannot be accepted at any cost,” he said.


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  1. Darjeeling-Gorkhaland Talks bound to Fail?
    Why Big Guy Goes Mad : Bans all mobile, drinks ,bike& girlfriends
    1. Gorkhaland’s Big Guy Goes Mad: Bans all mobile,drinks ,bike & girlfriends :
    2. Darjeeling Talks will fail & Big Guy busy with robotic research covert operation
    By Ashok Gurung, 10 th mile, KPG
    Funny though if you READ THIS AND YOU WILL KNOW THE BANNED REASONS for bans in Gorkhaland:
    Kabir said : “God is the breath of all breath” …so much is true for Big Guy . He rules Darj. He does and will do. Like SG thought he had achieved immortality and he did… Did he ???? .
    Let me start this with a prayer from Upanishads of a suffering individual –
    “asato ma sad gamaya ; tamaso ma jyotir gamaya;mrtyor ma amrtam gamaya ”
    Lead me from the unreal to the real,
    Lead me from darkness to light,
    Lead me from death to eternal life
    “The prayer seems out of context but everyone one in Darjeeling needs to pray as ……..
    Big Guy has already said ” Riste me mein sabka BAAP lagta ho” meaning he has FATHERED entire Darj-gorkhas..
    WOW…did we men give him the right. Or he is the next John Abraham of Darjeeling…
    Women find him UNRESISTABLE or he cut down all RESISTANCE to pieces ….
    I also heard that BIG GUY chases husbands away and keeps his booty under lock and key in Lotus House , Ten Mile,kpg…rumours ha ,I hate to write rumours….
    Now time for the some pieces of juicy RUMOURS ( please donot take them seriously but you can if you want though with your own substantiation and investigation. THIS IS WHAT I HEARD WHEN I was drinking RAKSI in a den in 10 th mile Kpg…we have a fine ward protector – BJ – Blaw Joob
    BG has lost his head and need to be sent to NE Best Mental Asylum and this is why……
    1. The KPG Lotus House Confidential Experiment:
    Big guy …BG & CC…not the one u are thinking of , I repeat, haha, embarked on a new kind of experiment in a “Lotus House” in 10 th Mile in KPG to create a new kind of “ROBOTIC Comfort Women” . GROUND BREAKING REASEARCH ON robotics using videos and blackmail, murder threats…this are all ISO certified methods for robots by NASA
    His LGP was losing steam and he wanted to keep their morale high by giving them good food, lodging and dharabahik and robots for physical comforts as morale steriod for gunda gardi.
    Now you know the reason why some LPG has refused to get married ever again….they want a share in the action..hahaha
    2. Project Success & Bj Promotion:
    The project ” ROBOT Comfort Women for LPG” was a success in the initial days and you can check his old photos in media where he is always smiling and grinning ear to ear whenever he visits KPG. BG like to test the ROBOT himself right and left and everything know what…..IMAGINE
    The Project Director BJ was promoted…. But someone was watching , BG has enemy in every house only he does not know and was recorded for posterity in a live GIG dancing in underwear.Dashain means celebration…hahahahehehe …danced like a snake…
    3. Too Much Drinking & Live Tv & Doomsday :
    Initially, all the prime time was reserved for BG but the specimen robot was so ATTRACTIVE that BJ and group could not take their hands off. One night they got DRUNK, THEGO you know…lost control and land in the lotus house without appointment and too many appointments in short time.. and poor guys were caught LIVE doing SALSA with the robot…
    BJ was actually the blaw job , he blew the job apart…..there was mechanical failure in the robot

    4. Big Guy GOES MAD…….what he does…..
    a) BG GIVES RED ENVELOPE – He is handing AIDS protection devices in brown envelope this days ….
    b) BG BANS ALL DRINKING – So that no one touches his specimen again and do not do something silly or spill the truth drinking too much…
    c) BG BANS TALKING – BG is scared that entire Darj will recieve MMS ( Multi Media Message ) of his live gigs so bans all talking…
    d) BG BANS RIDING – BG is scared that Amra Bangali will come in BIKES and play the GIG live in DUMB CHOWK so no BIKE.
    e) BG BANS HAND HOLDING – BG is in love and he does not want anyone to hold his specimen hand so “BANS ALL HAND HOLDING”
    f) CHECKS VEHICLES – LPG check for bombs like CID, CBI and police in each vehicle entering Darjeeling, tight security against any ASSAMI ….. ha
    What He Will Do Next :-
    a) POLICE OUT : Throw out all police and banga from Darj so that no one knows of his GIG…that way there will be no investigation or snooping dogs around darjeeling .haha
    b) INTERNET & Media OUT :Ban the INTERNET and all..we can view the GIG in siligri though and chori ka CD from ….You will be experiencing a lot of broad-band disconnection becasue LPG will pull out the cables in places for security..
    c). BAN THE MEDIA: Media wala be careful …you will only write or what BG says and will not write or air anything else
    d). TOTAL XENOPHOBIA: Declare that no OUTSIDER should come to Darjeeling….You can close all schools, hotels and eat grass and live and wear barks that is what is going to happen
    e). FATHER THE GORKHA-DARJ : Declare himself the “OFFICIAL BAAP” of entire Darjeeling as the most responsible man…poor gorkha men…He has really become the father of the nation thru non-violent means ….
    Now you all know the reasons both right and wrong ……Put locks everywhere …LPG will come and BJ will blow your home apart
    Better still let us all get the book on “HELEN OF TROY” who destroyed TROY
    How long will Darjeeling bear the MAD MAN is open to DEBATE…..
    (Rumour Humour comments –readers discretion advised)

  2. If we keep num n mum these kind of problems will keep on coming n we gonna lose men, women n our morale so, no bargaining ! We all support u … GreaterGorkhaland!

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