Tripartite meet puts GJM under pressure

SILIGURI: The tripartite meet on Gorkhaland slated for August 11 has increased pressure on GJM leaders from the tactical point of view.


We need some time to decide our standpoint at the meet, said Roshan Giri, GJM general secretary. We have received the state government s letter and discussing on that, he said while talking on the letter sent to their leadership by state chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, urging withdrawal of the indefinite bandh.

Already under tremendous pressure from large sections of the population, who have suffered due to the bandh, GJM has already let Sikkim bound NH31A to go out of the bandh ambit.

It is clear that tactically, the state government is now interested in keeping the ball in GJM court before the next tripartite meet. We do not want to create any confusion on the issue of GJM s response to CM s letter, said state chief secretary AM Chakroborty, when asked whether the state would take up any aggressive step if the GJM fails to respond positively to CM s letter.

A large section of the hill population, without any political leaning, think the next meet will not do anything significant on development of Gorkhaland. Naturally, they have already started expressing their views against the bandh; Something most unusual in hills.

At the same time, middle and lower level workers of the party, who have so far maintained a presence all along the hills, are highly enthusiastic about outcome of the meet.

But we cannot say anything about the outcome. We will present  our side at the meet and fight till we get Gorkhaland, was the only response of Mr. Giri when asked what would be his next step after the meet. But this much is clear, failing to churn out something highly positive would put him and other GJM top leadership under tremendous pressure. (The economics times)


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  1. from a layman’s point of view, I dont undersand what is wrong in our demanding Gorkhaland? The only thing, we the ordinary people of Darjeeling have understood is that the bongos of West Bengal love to terrorize the gorkhas, look down upon them and exploit them to the hilt. they cannot accept the fact that gorkhas can be lecturers, doctors, engineers, scientists, politicians….no! gorkhas are only meant to be subservient to these bengalis…! so, to just break free of this tyranny and injustice, we want gorkhaland…and we WILL get it.

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