Gorkhaland on agenda: Jaswant

SILIGURI, April 14: Throwing circumspection to the winds, the BJP veteran and candidate for the Darjeeling constituency in the Lok Sabha polls Mr Jaswant Singh (SNS photo right) today said in Siliguri that if voted to power, his party would go the whole hog to carve out a Gorkhaland state out of West Bengal. “There is no room for ambiguity on this front as far as the BJP election manifesto is concerned,” he said.
Meanwhile, the state urban development minister and a senior CPI-M leader Mr Asok Bhattacharya said apprehension prevailed in Darjeeling district that the BJP would attempt to purchase votes with notes on the lines of the recent Barmer incident in Rajasthan.
Taking an explicit stand on the emotive Gorkhaland issue, the BJP stalwart said that his candidature would break frontiers as far as the ethno-economic tangle in the Darjeeling hills was concerned and would bring the matter to the notice of the international community. Tearing into the Communists, Mr Singh said that his destiny had brought him here with a definite purpose. “Destiny would unravel its objective with passing time. Yet one thing I can say for sure that the election in this particular constituency would usher in the beginning of the end of the Left thralldom. I have not come here to return as a frustrated man. I would stay put in this district, globally acclaimed for its natural bounty and would return after accomplishing my preordained work that is bringing about all round development to this ill-treated region,” he said.
Dwelling on the subject of infiltration, the BJP veteran said that his party, if voted back to power, would evolve foolproof mechanism to end incessant stream of infiltration from across Bangladesh. “The infiltration amounts to a veritable invasion having serious bearing on the demographic composition of the country. Yet this problem remains unaddressed because of the myopic and vote-centered vision of the Congress and the Communists,” he said. Mr Asok Bhattacharya, however, expressed apprehension of major flare-ups in the district in the run up to the election. “The EC should deploy para-military forces immediately. We have information that the GJMM would seek help from the dreaded ULFA and the KLO to let loose a reign of terror in the remote areas of the hills. The air of desperation is palpable amongst the GJMM rank and file and it would take any action in its desperation to capture the seat,” he said.


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