Bengal CPI(M) Condemns Seperatist Activities Of GJM

IN a strongly worded statement, state secretary of the Bengal unit of the CPI(M) Biman Basu has condemned the counter-democratic, separatist, and segregationist activities of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM).  The statement was issued in the afternoon of August 5.

Basu said that the Bengal CPI(M) had been witness for some time now and with alarm to the manner in which the GJM leadership was depriving the people of the Darjeeling hill areas of one after another democratic right.  An ambience of terror has been created that had left the hill people gasping in fear.

The GJM has issued ‘orders’ that unless the people participated in its ‘programmes,’ they would be the target of attacks, harassments, and even social boycott.  The Darjeeling CPI(M) office was once again attacked on August 4, ransacked, and but for the brave resistance offered by the Party members who were inside, would have been occupied by force.  

A brief attempt was even made to fly a GJM flag from the top of the CPI(M) office – the challenge was foiled.  The Bengal CPI(M) has strongly condemned this attack and the ill-gotten attempt to forcibly occupy the office of the CPI(M) in Darjeeling town – and elsewhere in the hills.

“The GJM is also found engaged in the dangerous game of indulging itself in acts of provocation to try to create segregation and then a rift between the hill people and the plains people. This is an extremely condemnable, heinous act, and all such attempts at disruption of the people’s unity should be opposed by every democratic-minded people. This sort of destructive activity will serve to complicate matters at the time when there was a process started for a tripartite meeting between the central government, the state government and the GJM up in Delhi”, the statement noted.

The Bengal CPI(M) has called for peace, amity, and people-to-people friendship in both the hill and the plains areas and has called upon the people at large to strengthen democracy and democratic norms everywhere in the district. (People’s democracy)


One Response

  1. People’s democracy doesn’t exist in Bengal anymore. Bengal and the communists don’t have the moral ground to label anyone counter-democratic, separatist, and segregationist or other subversive names.
    The democracy CPIM believes in is that of force, murder, rape and loot – Singur and Nandigram for instance. And as everyone knows, the comrades were on China’s side during the war. It is the leftists who are undemocratic, anti-nationalists and elitists.
    as for the fear prevailing in the hills, it’s all propaganda. at no time Darjeeling has been so united (and that means, Gurkhas, Lepchas, Marwaris, Bhojpuris, Tibetans, yes even Bengalis, and other minorities) and so peaceful.
    The fear psychosis exists – but only in the hearts of useless, attention grabbing, vote rigging and murderous minds of backward looking, regressive people like Biman Basu.
    It is ironical that the CPIM propaganda machine propagates amity and friendship, when in truth, they openly support criminal outfits like bangla bhasha bachao and other goons hell-bent on creating a rift amongst the hills and the plains. Wake up, Kolkata: It’s like Hitler saying, ‘Let’s Love Jews’, while spearheading the SS.

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