Singur To Gorkhaland

Singur To Gorkhaland……

It all started with TATA MOTORS. The first opportunity for the opposition of bengal, and they did not miss it. They started firing all cylinders and the success was not far away from them. Overnight, the hibernated opposition of bengal came into the limelight. If one can take a careful look on bengal political scenario from that point of time, a peculiar trend can be easily identified. Singur, Nandigram, Taslima Nasrin, Death of Rizwanur Rahman and so on and so forth. One can easily locate the fact that whatever small be the significance of those issues, it all became national news, and congress with AITC came back in the political scenario of bengal once again. Back with a bang, and few more bangs followed.
Singur, an example of how a government should implement the policy of industrialization within the constraints of an agrarian economy. The oppositions started there with no issue, with some fictitious land owners who are unwilling to give their land for industrialization. Out of the blue, a movement started, and we observed, how fast a local issue can be made national. As that was a movement after a long gap of hibernation, no opposition party left this issue. We saw the inevitable conglomeration. The extreme right, mixed up with the extreme left. The policy was simple: I will do anarchy, if you stop me, you are barbarian, if you don’t, you are inefficient. The same policy continued and gained importance day by day. Issue of Taslima Nasrin was jumbled up with the heartbreaking death of Rizwanur Rahman. The most important issues behind those are simply ignored and all the media houses fought with their everything to manufacture the dissent against the government.
They lost the first round, but at that very moment, a momentary lapse from the part of the government, it all began again. Nandigram. Fresh oxygen for the confused opposition and this time no mistake done. In Singur, few elements of the opposition were missing and they did not leave them this time. Armed forces of Jharkhandi party and Maoists took the charge inside Nandigram, ABP group and other big media houses took the charge to take the matter into peoples heart. Each and every CPI(M) supporter was tortured or killed and driven out from their village in Nandigram.
Suddenly we came to know from some of their hired fantasizers that thousands of children of the family of the oppositions were kidnapped and killed by tearing them apart from leg. With their excellent capability of emotional penmanship, motivated by huge amount of silver tonic, they were somehow able to reach the kitchen of our households. By the time it is a known fraud, it has done its work. 13 months the CPI(M) supporters were not allowed to enter into their village, and when they entered, with their spines straight, heads high and desperate urge to come back home, our beloved Governor termed the homecoming as “recapture”. We forgot to ask him about the “capture”.
Making their homecoming an issue, again few peoples died, obviously from both side, more obviously most of them were CPI(M) supporters.
Then came the Panchayat Election. We had anticipation, but not of this much bloodshed. Only during the campaign to election period, more than 30 CPI(M) workers and supporters were murdered.
And now, the fresh wind of Gorkhaland, a dangerous attempt to divide Bengal. The government again taking stern position against it, but we know the hills. We never had very flowery experience from subas ghisingh. We are accustomed with dictatorship, torture, implication of fictitious legislation there. We can remember, when the Gorkhaland movement was on its peak form, the CPI(M) MLA was not allowed to enter into his district. The cars were forced to write GL in their number plate and much much more. At that time their was no series of organized disturbance backing up, but now it is very much there. The hill of Bengal is already very troubled, we are waiting for the worst to happen. The policy is the same, either the government is inefficient, or barbarian.
Now, what can be the possible reason and incentive for this sudden series of attack? If only the state’s election be the agenda, it should have happened much earlier. Then something must be there for which the left government of bengal and left participation from bengal in Indian Politics is a major threat. And no prize for guessing the real reason. Yes, the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal. The Congress Government tried its best to eliminate this threat, but still no silver lining to their dark failure. They funded a lot for various influencial machineries, ranging from big media houses to so called “sushil samaj” of kolkata. They only ended up with few more panchayat seats, no significant uprising is visible, not in the remote future too. Still the congress government has to depend on the left to stay in the chair. Though they have started their intelligent both sided strategy, one is to pacify the US simultaneously pacifying the left by creating a co-ordination committee, still everything is going wrong for them. Inflation, oil price rise, N-deal, nothing is moving in favor of them right now. So, if, by any means they can uproot, or even destabilize the LF government in West Bengal, 90% work is done for them. Right now, Congress is busy searching ally, but the main ally samajbadi party is still very well tilted towards left parties. The situation, by no means, is favorable towards the Congress, and the N-Deal too. Time is less, and passing faster than anything. We are afraid, what is the next attack on West Bengal?

We are forgetting the most important aspect of this anarchy

Every one of us, who empathize with the cause of CPIM or in the least, the left front government is raising their voices against the anarchy, opposition parties have unleashed in rural and urban Bengal. While these voices need to remain active on ground against any anti-left agenda, we should not forget the most important aspect of the past 12-18 months, that being Trinamool Congress, Maoists and all the other anti-left factions’ could sustain this for a long period. If it is just an effort to destabilize without any support of from the people, I sincerely doubt if someone can sustain these kind of hopeless, bankrupt movement for so long. Now is the right time that we ask these questions to ourselves in hindsight that what was wrong with us. It is simply a good sign that the Panchayat election has raised several questions, which I am sure, will be addressed by both party and the government. However, the unfortunate part is whether we were ready to ask ourselves the same questions, even if there had been no Panchayat election to take place.

Simply put, there is a section of rural people who felt the opposition to be more trustworthy, even after their long allegiance with CPIM and left front. While one of the reasons is undoubtedly a fear of losing the means of living or the fear of losing the land, the trust factor played an important role. When we went to people with the slogan of industrialization, there were fewer takers of that. Though we cannot generalize this as a trend all over the state right now, but East Midnapore has shown that this can spread across, unless we work on re-building the trust by our everyday life and being on the side of the people during everyday movement. We need to strongly uphold the slogan of running the government for people’s interest that can be ensured by thousands of left activists working relentlessly to protect the interest of people and not just implementing the government agenda (Not party). (PRAGOTI)


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  1. Well written article,but somewhat partisan. Why not give some data. Land for industrialisation is at the heart of issue both in Singur And Nandigram. How about bringing out a comparative analysis of :Prevailing market rate of the land ( say in Singur ) vis a vis the compensation package,translated into effective payment for land . However in doing the analysis ,compensation data related to future promises must be excluded.

  2. calsmjie dkxisqtov bstugyro ytsu aotuwb ncwopa pidmz

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