Marxists Have to Strike Deal Afresh on Gorkhaland while Ruling Hegemony try best to Create a Banga Desh

Marxists Have to Strike Deal Afresh on Gorkhaland while Ruling Hegemony try best to Create a Banga Desh

Palash Biswas

I visited Darjeeling a few years back in September, 2002. Long back from recent crisis in West Bengal Hills. I tried to meet Subhash Ghising but failed. No one could help me because no one had any contact with Ghising. He was quite an isolated personality castled in Darjeeling Gurkha Hill Autonomous Council.I talked to journalists based in Darjeeling and met all the Press Club people there. Without any result. Ghising have been an autocrat since the first day in Power. This is the trend and predestined result of popular movements in this divided , bleeding geopolitics all over. It has happened to Bangla Nationality in Bangladesh. A corrupt political leadership has led the country to Islamic Nationality Anarchy. It happened to the Non Congress Experiment after the historical defeat of Legendary Mrs Indira Gandhi back in 1977. Total Revolution resulted in Total Corruption. It is repeated once again with leaders like Lalu Yadav, Karunanidhi, Chandra Babu Naidu, Jailalita, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Kumarswami, Naveen Patnaik,Shibu Soren, Mayawati and others taking over with different colorful ideologies and Banners. Even Sangh Parivar and great NDA experiment could not escape. In Left ruled states , Regimented ruling Hegemony is so strong because it is fed by Corruption on Grass Root Level. All political Icons are perhaps predestined to be isolated Autocrats! The Marxist Regimented Hegemony in West Bengal has been always defending Ghising ignoring ground realities in the Hills. Siliguri Don Ashok Bhattachary had the last word in affairs relating Hills. Dinahata firing and Death Processions in tea gardens, resurgence of Congress in North Bengal nothing could alert the Left Front Leadership. Hill people could not find any solution for their Identity crisis. Life and Livelihood, day to day problems made the situation worse. Starvation, Displacement, Women Trafficking, Death Procession continued with Ghishing in Power without any Election. It had to explode and finally it exploded. But the Left Front, even after this explosion tends to defend the autocrat Subhash Ghising as he finds shelter in Writers Building Kolkata.

The Nation is unaware of Partition History and the Villainous role of our so called National leaders, specially the Bengali Caste Hindu leaders! I dare to warn that De facto Prime Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Gestapo Head Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Sahitya Akedemy President Sunil Gangopadhyay and PCC President Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi are trying their best to create a Bangadesh! Soviet Union underestimated perestroika and Glasnost. What happened , we all know. This Ruling Brahminical Hegemony and its opposition led by Ms Mamta Bannerjee, and pro Globalisation Brahmincal Civil society led by Dr Amartya Sen, Mrinal sen, Saumitra Chatterjee, Aparna sen, Gautam Ghosh, Mahasweta Devi and so on, never cares for the Dali Bengali Refugees, Five Crore of them scattered countrywide as partition victims, deprived of citizenship, reservation, mother tongue, civil and human rights. This ruling Hegemony consists of one hundred or maximum Two hundred Kolkata Based Brahmin and Caste Hindu families. Thus, it doesn’t care for rest of Bengali population even in West Bengal. It has intense apathy against the persecuted East Bengal Dalit Bengalies crossing the border continuously. It has sieged the SC ST OBC leaders to enslave the Majority people. It has managed Infinite Enblock support of Muslim Vote Bank to hold the power for the Ruling Hegemony. it has got control over Media, Money, Mafia and all spheres of life including education, health, culture, language ,etc.

Priya Ranjan Dashmunshi already have demanded to rename West Bengal as Banga Bhoomi or Bangadesh. Pranab Mukherjee has launched a nationwide deportation Drive against Dalit Partition Victim Bengali Refugees. Buddhadeb has initiated a scientific process of Regress and Depopulation with SEZ, PCPIR, FDI, Retail capitalist Development Campaign. Sunil Gango is helped to install himself as President of sahitya Akedemy for resurgence of Liberatin Bangla Brahminical Nationality. The Marxists of Bengal have all foreign links now as they never had thanks to Globalisation. Please read the actual content of Buddha Bush alliance!

Everyone reacted vehemently against Amachi Mumbai Movement. But Marxist agression against SC, ST, OBC and Muslims in Marichjhanpi to Nandigram happens to be a quite Legacy. Non Bengalies have to merge their identity in Bengali supremacy. The Hindi Speaking population plus intelligentsia do the same. Only the Marwaries resist and they are paid back well. Bengali agression has been overlooked but Dalit and Muslim Bengalies are subject to persecution all over the country. What a Game!

Marxists of West Bengal did try to finish Communist Movement in North India. No leadership is allowed for Hindi speaking masses in communist parties. All communist parties including the Naxals always elect Brahmin or Ex Zamindar General secretary in India. Stalin tried his best to solve the Nationality problems in Russia. Thus, Soviet Union was created and it prevailed. Since the demise of Soviet Union, no soviet leader addressed the Nationality Problem anymore. And CIA could disintegrate USSR. Indian Democracy never addressed nationality problem. AFSPA and military operations have been the solutions of Nationality problems in North east, Kashmir and Tamilnadu. At best, they allowed creation of three smaller states Jharkhand , Chhattish Gargh and Uttarakhand to satisfy the aspirations of nationality identities in Indian Mainland. On the other hand, ruling Hindi nationality, Bengali Brahmnical Marxist Nationality, Malayalam Brhaminical marxist Nationality, Kashmiri and Punjabi Hindu nationalities became the components of not only national, but also Post Modern Galaxy Brahminical, Zionist, White Manusmriti Ruling Hegemony!

Thus, no wonder, the Marxists never initiated any process to solve Tamil, Manipuri, Naga, Mizo, Ahmia, Bhutani, kashmiri, Maratha, Kannad, Manipuri, Gujrati and other nationality problems in India. In Darjiling, simply the stroke a deal with Subhash Ghising and held Gorkha Nationality enslaved to ruling Bengali Brahminical Marxist Nationality! I am afraid, despite the divide in GNLF, and rise of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, the Left Front Brahmin Marxists have enough expertise to strike fresh deals once again! 

(Palas speaks)


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