Lolly pop to the people of North bengal, from the Left from Kolkata has thrown for the hard works and efforts in the garden … where is all the taxes they cut … where????? (true story, in the capital such amount of money, ten times more are sanctioned for roads… my god … why don’t the people scripting news write down the names of the agent how dopes his kind of drugs… to the innocent people of North Bengal. Wake up the people of North bengal … its the 20th century where r u all standing today… in the garden plucking tea. WARRANTY of the Gorkhali students (in hunger strike) is sponsored by the West Bengal Govt. & the Central Government of India.

The Gorkhali students are likely to become terrorist and anti-nation activists, if the West Bengal and Central government politicians just keep on suppressing the long dated (before, the reunion of the Republic of India) demand made by the people (Gorkhali’s) living in the “Darjeeling District, West Bengal (since,1947)” and all over Republic of India.

The warranty unscripted, is honoured by the Central and the state government of India. Bombast, anti-nation activities are sure to happen like in many other parts of India (mostly because, the section of people eating the prime juice resist a democratic movement & welfare of the hard working mass).

The Center Govt. have no concern as for themselves are in a political beep, but if this is democracy of India then there is no solution for the consequence. Darjeeling District geographically in touch with several countries just few miles around with Bangladesh, China, Nepal & the North East which can be a prime mess zone like Kashmir, the Northeast, many southern states etc. if the demand is not met democratically.

Till this time the simple Gorkhali’s were very loyal to this country, there are many AGENCIES helping human rights & democracy. Therefore, who shall be responsible for it, the state government politicians (people earning daily life downing politics) have no concern, that place its not their vote bank and for the center the state might pull down there government.

The Gorkhali’s don’t seem to be coward by their history and they are the ones to guard the countries border, and very much familiar with it at ground level.

Its better to die then resist suppression of people absorbing the influential position which the Gorkhali’s have lived since long and reasoning for (as a minority in the West bengal Govt.).

It s a very risky scenario for the Central Govt to ignore, they have to take responsibilities, go the difficult areas and apprehend with the demand, its the birth right of the Gorkhali’s, one of the many citizens of India serving the nation humbly and the demand is only for development and Bengali fellow friend writing blogs think over, the Gorkhali’s are not burning your house… but u people r trying to do that… are u truely educated, humorous, social this is not your fathers nation and say what u feel like….

Its a high risk alert, just needs a flick and everything might become a mess. The central nor the state politician have ever participated in this demand & which i have, the fury is very high… Its not the new party funding the demand, but there are many volunteers (unemployed youths, repositioned by the state and central govt. Ignorance). At a glance, if the current state govt. with such long tenure of governance, mandates Gorkhaland may deem failure in many opposing people thought, but it more logical for a good political party to amend history the coming future which will be learnt and adhered.

The government should act wisely and set a democratic resolution for the peoples welfare, the political parties ruling government should not provoke such situations. The demand is all for the welfare, the West Bengal government has no opposing rights, the politician are more interested gathering vote by encouraging people and disturbing the communal harmony in the nation and the people living in the areas of the said, Gorkhaland.

The North Bengal a major business transaction zone connecting the northeast geographically as a corridor to the northeast states with the rest of India which have a very unbalanced social and economical structure in regards with development. If looked upon since 1947 and evaluated with the southern part of Bengal which claim the north bengal people as tea plucker of their gardens. And as for the native of the North Bengal (populated mostly by nomadic people – Adhi basi, Raj bangsi, Gorkhali, Bi-bengali and many others) are socially, economically and politically manipulated by the people from the Writers, sucking the juice of fruits swoon with effort of the north Bengal people free of cost, what the Kolkata people in the writers have contributed, till time if noticed, major groups of people demanding welfare are always suppressed by the left as anti-nation activist in the eyes of the central govt. and thats the true story of the Left governing sequence it has been proven many times many place the naxalist started from here, but what position are they in… ??? they have been arrest revolting for democracy. Everything is mobilized from the writer everything likely CPM agents and caders they can sallow crores of money… the innocent people drag rickshaws, pluck tea leaves in the garden ans next generation will do the same.. what has happened all this fifty five years of independence… but dear north bengal friends don’t revolt or you shall be called bangladeshi.. by the people in the writers building this is their politics for such a long tenure. Your houses will be burnt don’t, your only livelihood tea garden will be closed and burnt… be careful. if u dont believe check a bit of history. this is the regime of Left Jyoti Basu, Buddhadev, Ashok Bhattercharjee etc . (list is long can’t name all)agents.. they all have the hot seats they don’t want to leave they will do anything for it they r enjoying the best of life, hell about the public. and geographically, socially, economically, south bengal is no use for north bengal, the south bengal is for bangladesh trading many importing arm’s for the CPM caders (did u see it in Nandigram) those r the ones. In history Calcutta was a shipping deck, the british are gone its no more use… Kolkata was important for that time now its no use… the north bengal people are paying tax for free.. i can count the developments in the North bengal… the only solution is a separate state.. separate from Kolkata.

Wake up people don’t lick the lolly pop.. The people of south bengal are planing to make our future generation their waiters, tea plucker, phoocha wala, stone the CPM agents they are manupulating our innonce, we have contributed so much to the south bengal people what have they done..only false promises. Made us driver, rickshaw pullers, not a single Medical College/Engineering College has been opened … What has happened is by the efforts of the North Bengal people they are trying to rule indirectly… Understand bhandu log… Ammi Gorkhli Bhadra log.. Gani tumi. The educated people they easily earn. a living, what about the poor fellows of north bengal… Whats has the left done… Dropped bags of money during election and funded for unions… What else.. They are creep, which did Bhuddadev CM published the total state fund/ Money Reoprt/ budgetary report of the last 31years.. Will he be able to do that i guess they don’t have the record… Thank you for reading
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  1. We are opposing Gorkhaland or any partition and disintegration of West Bengal. India Government and West Bengal Government must consider the following demands in the interest of SECURITY QUESTION OF INDIA. Nepali infiltration must be stopped and they should be treated as per Bangladeshi migrants. Government must handled the all issues in strong hand.


    1. Both the demands of Sixth Schedule and separate State of Gorkhaland would mean ultimate partition and disintegration of West Bengal. Both the demands should be rejected.
    2. Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council may be abolished and the Darjeeling District put directly under state administration, with Army protection.
    3. Clause-VII Indo-Nepal Treaty of 1950 may be repealed to prevent foreign Nepali infiltration.
    4. All foreign Nepalese should be identified and pushed back to Nepal, as per the Foreigners Act, 1864 as is being done in the case of illegal Bangladeshi migrants.
    5. Border outposts be set up with barbed-wire fencing. Visa be introduced in the Indo-Nepal border as is the case with Bangladesh.

  2. THE MASTER STRATEGIST……………. Bimal Gurung may be a master strategist and a woer of the Nari Morcha and the general masses – but he is also a grave sinner….. His record has shown that he is a murderer, extortionist, womanizer, cheat and a thief…… While the Gorkhas are awed and intimidated by his meteoric rise to power for the achievement…. let us not forget the rise of Hitler and his strategies…. BREAKING NEWS IS THAT: On 1st July 08, his house at Takvar was gheraoed for making yet two more innocent girls pregnant when he already has two wives….. It was conveniently hushed up. WHERE ARE ALL THE “INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS FROM THE TELEGRAPH, THE STATESMAN, TIMES OF INDIA, THE HINDU, ETC………….Using Bimal Gurung currently may be a good strategy to achieve Gorkhaland by the GORKHAS……….and the communist WB govt deserve just such a leader to out-maneuver them …. but after that he must be eliminated as a sinner for the greater good of the Gorkhas or else they will be doomed…..Time alone will tell as we see this dreaded story of the RISE and FALL of Bimal Gurung…. All Indians keep a keen eye open for what is unfolding…… THE GORKHA CONSCIENCE

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