Centre missive to GJMM

Statesman News Service
DARJEELING, Aug. 5: The Centre has sent a letter to the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha for tripartite talks on the Gorkhaland issue. The GJMM has received a letter from the Union Home Ministry in which, the Centre has expressed a desire to open dialogue with the GJMM on the separate state demand.
“We received a letter from the Union home ministry signed by Home secretary Mr Madhukar Gupta stating that the Centre is ready to hold a meeting with the GJMM on the Gorkhaland issue. We appreciate and welcome the Centre’s move,” said GJMM spokesperson Mr Benoy Tamang today.
According to the GJMM leadership, no specific date was mentioned in the letter for the proposed talks. “We are prepared to attend the tripartite meeting on Gorkhaland but no date has been mentioned in the letter from the Centre. Since the Gorkhaland demand is a political one we request that talks on the matter should be held at a political level,” Mr Tamang said.
Date or not, expectation levels have started soaring in the political circle of the Darjeeling hills ever since it became known that the Centre has sent a letter to the GJMM leadership expressing interest in the talks.


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  1. THE MASTER STRATEGIST……………. Bimal Gurung may be a master strategist and a woer of the Nari Morcha and the general masses – but he is also a grave sinner….. His record has shown that he is a murderer, extortionist, womanizer, cheat and a thief…… While the Gorkhas are awed and intimidated by his meteoric rise to power for the achievement…. let us not forget the rise of Hitler and his strategies…. BREAKING NEWS IS THAT: On 1st July 08, his house at Takvar was gheraoed for making yet two more innocent girls pregnant when he already has two wives….. It was conveniently hushed up. WHERE ARE ALL THE “INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS FROM THE TELEGRAPH, THE STATESMAN, TIMES OF INDIA, THE HINDU, ETC………….Using Bimal Gurung currently may be a good strategy to achieve Gorkhaland by the GORKHAS……….and the communist WB govt deserve just such a leader to out-maneuver them …. but after that he must be eliminated as a sinner for the greater good of the Gorkhas or else they will be doomed…..Time alone will tell as we see this dreaded story of the RISE and FALL of Bimal Gurung…. All Indians keep a keen eye open for what is unfolding…… THE GORKHA CONSCIENCE

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