West Bengal Legislative Assembly Member from Darjeeling Mr. Gaulan Lepcha’s speech to the Floor


The house must know why Gorkha community of Darjeeling Hill and Dooars feel alienated from Bengal? They spent their blood and toil to convert the rugged hilly terrain and unhygienic infected plains into beautiful tea garden and rich forest a huge source of revenue to the government. Darjeeling tea is considered as green gold in the world market but what could have prevented the government to remain a mute spectator when the Terai commended a Kanchanzanga Stadium, Tenzing Norgay Bus terminus and science city, north Bengal University leaving the Hallow pathways that carved for the states attentions, needless to mentions since 1907.

Sir, 3Ts in Darjeeling has become a matter of documentaries and editorials. You have stopped thinking of dying tea Industries, you have established no forest based industries and even discouraged tourist from visiting Darjeeling Hill station.

Tourism and education which form the core of sustainable economy of the hills today witnesses the Smudge of neglect. The present day mass movement of the hills wakeup call which ‘beacons’ that attentions of the state and the centre, which parse speak up political aspiration of the Gorkha community and therefore desire to remain as an intricate part of Indian Society.

Further more, I call upon the attention of this house which echoed the political aspiration hill by the Communist Party of India voicing Gorkhasthan needless to mentioned before this enlightened the birth of Gorkha League in 1943 which carved Uttar Khand. Post 1986 till present is the reverberation of the hills longing for identity of Indian Gorkhas.

The present motion is a Charade in the chess board of politics. Ironically on the other hand repeatedly I call upon the benign vibrant Honorable Chief Minister to immediately leave no stone unturned call for a tripartite meeting which will spells as panacea to the present day problem of the hills, ushering a new dawn of peace, harmony, development and fraternity.

I end by suggesting all my honourable colleagues of this house let noble thought come to us from every side.

This address is dated: 31st July 2008


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