GJMM takes over Ghisingh’s house

Statesman News Service
DARJEELING, July 29: In the ongoing series of events that followed the violence on 25 July in Darjeeling, GJMM supporters today occupied fallen GNLF leader Mr Subash Ghisingh’s luxurious residence at Manju Tea Estate located around 15 km from Mirik. “Mr Ghisingh’s residence will now be a public property. It will be used as a GJMM office from now on. The residence will also accommodate guests when programmes are held in Mirik,” declared Mr Roshan Thapa, GJMM branch committee president in Manju Tea Estate.
Today’s move follows the 25 July violence in Darjeeling during which, GJMM supporters vandalised Mr Ghisingh’s residence at Dr Zakir Hussain road in Darjeeling town. Once the undisputed king of the Hills, GNLF supremo Mr Subash Ghisingh has had to relinquish power, give up his possessions and flee the Hills with uncertainty hanging over his return ever, all in a span of six months and today he lost his grand white two storied building, which must have cost Mr Ghisingh a fortune to build in a modest place like Manju Tea Estate.
The people in awe of him when Mr Ghisingh enjoyed a next to God image in the Hills will now get a glimpse of the interiors that was shut to outsiders for the past many years. The GNLF chief himself never spent a night at the residence in the past 21 years of his tenure, stopping by only to rest for a few hours. His brother-in-law Mr Kapil Allay who handed over the keys to the GJMM leaders in Mirik today used to look after the house.

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