Gurung to go underground for Gorkhaland

Statesman News Service
DARJEELING, July 16: The GJMM chief Mr Bimal Gurung today said that he would go underground for six months to carry out his “non-violent” activities.
“I will go underground for six months but not to perpetrate violence. Some elements are posing a hurdle to the Gorkhaland movement. I shall keep these people away in an undisclosed location during my stay underground. They would be released only after Gorkhaland is achieved,” Mr Gurung said.
Mr Gurung, however, did not specify when he would go underground or how he would get hold of those proving an impediment to the Gorkhaland struggle. He neither mentioned who all figured in his list as “hurdles” or if his act would be read as kidnap or not by the law. Although he said that the persons he would “keep away,” would be treated well, he did not divulge where he would confine them. The leader’s declaration has caused a stir in the political circle of the Hills. Mr Gurung today also urged the Congress MP from Darjeeling, Mr Dawa Narbula to procure a written assurance from the UPA government regarding Gorkhaland in exchange of his Trust vote on 22 July. “In this crucial hour when a single vote can make a difference, Mr Narbula has a vital role to play. The GJMM demands that he put a condition before his party stating that he would not cast his Trust vote until the UPA government gives a written assurance in favour of Gorkhaland,” Mr Gurung, said.
The Congress MP was put in a further tight spot when the GJMM chief declared that he would not be allowed to enter the Darjeeling Hills otherwise. “His vote is his weapon, which he should use for Gorkhaland or else he will have to face the consequences,” he said. Responding to the GJMM diktat, the Congress MP Mr Narbula said, “I would appeal to the UPA chairperson Mrs Sonia Gandhi on the Gorkhaland issue. I have always raised my voice for Gorkhaland and this time too
I will formally put the demand before Mrs Sonia Gandhi and meet her in person and try to convince her,” Mr Narbula stated.


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