Gorkhaland: Is independent state the ultimate solution?

Shrikanth M D , Bangalore

It was in 1948, when Nizam of Hyderabad negotiated deals with both the Indian and Pakistan government and later he decided to remain as an independent kingdom, Sardar Vallabhai Patel acquired the Central province and included it as an inseparable part of our country.

The iron man had fought out all the differences among various states and amalgamated all the chunks to build today’s so called incredible India! Perhaps he never knew that one day this country would go in the wrong hands of opportunists who would not mind to build their luxuries on the graveyards of people.

The country was given a perfect shape even under the various flawed policies of Mr. Nehru. Had he been alive today, he would have certainly sympathized with the feelings of the people of the country.

Pakistan has been hatching plans to conquer Kashmir since the time of independence and not to forget the other traitor china posing threats now and then. If these external threats are trying to deshape the country on one side, well entrenched leaders are on the other side and they are trying hard to divide the country on the lines of culture, heritage and Communalism, only for their political benefits.

The country would not have forgotten the efforts of political leaders who have been trying restlessly to carve Telangana as a state out of Andhra Pradesh. Not to forget the invaluable efforts of leaders of Coorg who tried to carve Coorg state out of Karnataka. While these memories are fading in the minds of people, a fresh renewed call has been given by Gorkhaland Janamukthi Morcha (JNM) to carve a new state out of West Bengal.

Earlier, in 1980s GNLF (Gorkhaland National Liberation Front) had taken the initiative for the establishment of a new Gorkha state which only resulted in a blood shed. However, Mr. Subash Ghisingh, Chairman of the Darjeeling Gorkha hill council since inception, fought hard and signed an agreement in 1988 for the creation of an autonomous body, The Darjeeling hill council. Now he is expecting sixth schedule council status of constitution to be granted which would mean further enhancements of council’s power. GJM is not compromising and has gone ahead in this direction for establishment of a new state.

The country would certainly like to know the reason behind this. Safeguarding the culture and heritage of Gorkhas has been the criteria. Misled masses of Gorkhas feel that the Bengal Government has shown stepmotherliness towards them. May be it’s true also to an extent. The people should realize the facts and fight for the injustice gone in their way (if at all any!) than dividing and deshaping the country.

However, we can’t question the patriotism of Gorkhas as we all know that thousands of them have served the army for years as being a part of Gorkha rifle regiment. The government has to throw light on the problems faced in the hill and help Gorkhas to safeguard their culture and heritage. Someone has to make them realize that achieving the status of an independent state is not the ultimate solution to every problem. The constitution is meant for every one. Though their demands for carving a new Gorkhaland is not unconstitutional, it’s not an appropriate solution. Governments have to safeguard the interests of Gorkhas, help them to get rid the feel of insecurity and restore peace in the lives of people of the hills.

After all they are also the birds of the same nest as we.  (Instablogs)


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