Volunteers for Gorkhaland movement

DARJEELING (INDIA), July 3 – Hundreds of youths here are busy enrolling themselves in the Gorkhaland Personnel (GLP), a contingent of volunteers representing Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) that has been struggling for separate statehood for Nepali speakers since the past eight months.
At the initial stage, GJM has decided to recruit around 2000 GLP from Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, Siliguri and Dooars regions. GLP will be mobilized throughout the proposed Gorkhaland boundary to provide support to the ongoing Gorkhaland Movement.
Besides, the GLP will also be used to provide security to GJM leaders, undertake social reforms and assist the local administration. The tasks of GLP selection, training and management are being supervised by GJM’s sister organization, Ex-Indian Gorkha Army Front.
“The proposed GLP will be different, of greater standard and more disciplined than the Indian Police Force,” claimed the Front chairman Colonel Ramesh Ale.
According to GJM Publicity Secretary Binay Tamang, the recruitment process will be complete by mid-July and selected GLP will be mobilized after they undergo a seven-week long training session. “GLP will be unarmed and they will be mobilized peacefully as GJM volunteers, staying within the norms set by the Indian constitution,” said Tamang. Aware that mobilization of GLP could mean GJM’s unannounced challenge to the state’s security, the West Bengal (WB) and the Indian federal government have already corresponded with GJM leadership for a fresh round of talks to discuss its demand.
GJM has also shown positive response to the talks invitation. Earlier, GJM had spurned the talks offer of WB state government. (Kantipur)


One Response


    1.The demand for the seperate hill state is totally justified.

    The demand for the separate state of the people of the hills has to be seen in the context of the social, cultural, economic aspirations of the region which after more than half a century of independence of the country is still without proper infrastucture, medical facilities, institutions of higher education. The region lacks in even the basic facilities including drinking water. There are no job opportunities for the youth, no economic development in the region. All these factors point to a total neglect of the hill region.

    The demand for the separate state has therefore to be seen in the proper perspective. The entity of state is essentially a unit of administration. The primary task of administration is to address the issues of the people and take appropriate steps for solving the problems of the people. The demand for the separate state by the people of the hills is only a logical culmination of the, unaddressed legitimate aspirations of the people in a democracy.

    However, the seperate state should be called DARJEELING, which The seperate state should be called DARJEELING, which would convey a broader identity to the people of the hills and not Gorkhaland, which stands for just one section of the population. Calling the new state as DARJEELING would certainly address the feeling of gorkha domination prevailing among the indegenious tribes of the hills.

    2. The second aspect of the seperate state movement is about the LEADERSHIP. We deserve to have educated leadership who would lead the proposed new hill state to all round development and economic prosperity.

    We do not want a corrupt group of people at the helm of affairs who would only use the state apparatus for their personal benifits.

    Let us not forget that the people who are making a big noise about gorkhaland were very much part of the kitchen cabinet of Ghesing in DGHC. For several years these people milked the DGHC and amassed huge wealth. There is nothing to show case the achievment of the DGHC over which these people held sway . In the name of the hill people, these self centrered leaders have made fortunes.

    It is an irony that the hill people have been betrayed by one of their own. The people leading the agitation for the seperate hill state cannot wash their hands off this act of betrayal. They have all along benifitted from the DGHC.

    Therefore we need a new leadership, well educated, having a vision for the hill people and who are not blinded by self interest.

    The people who are now holding the people of the hills at ransom by their terror tactics and forcing us to join their party at the risk of violence should leave. The hill people cherish freedom, and that includes freedom to choose their leaders, and freedom from the dadagiri of GJM.

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