‘A Black Day’ for protestors

Statesman News ServiceSILIGURI, June 26: Protesting against the proposed negotiation between the state government and the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha in Kolkata tomorrow, the Jana Chetana, an apolitical organisation known for its strident opposition to the Gorkhaland demand, announced its plans to observe tomorrow as ‘Black Flag Day.’ “We would oppose such talks until the crucial question of nationality of those spearheading the Gorkhaland agitation is resolved once and for all,” Mr Debaprasad Kar, the President of the outfit said. Meanwhile, Aamra Bangali, another radical organisation opposing the Gorkhaland demand, has urged the state government to form a Bengali Regiment in an obvious reaction to the recently formed Gorkhaland Personnel in the Hills. Casting aspersions on the continuing round of negotiations the state has been having with the GJMM leadership, the Jana Chetana president said, “It amounts to putting the cart before the horse. At the outset, a screening operation must begin in earnest to differentiate the genuine Indian Nepalis from the migrants from the neighbouring country. As for the demand for Gorkhaland only true Indian Nepalis can cry for it.”Dwelling upon the Indo-Nepal treaty, 1950, Mr Kar said that the Nepali nationals, who had settled in India prior to the signing of the treaty, had been endowed with citizenship rights including political franchise. “But for those who migrated after the treaty was signed, they could participate in the process of economic and industrial development sans the political franchise as per the treaty,” Mr Kar said.“Now the crucial question is – are the GJMM leaders migrants or genuine citizens of the country? That has to be decided before any meaningful parley can take place over the outfit’s territorial demand,” the Jana Chetana leader asserted.The Aamra Bangali on the other hand today revived the Bengal Regiment formation demand. Mr Sambhu Sutradhar, the organisation’s Siliguri secretary said that the state government must seriously consider the demand. “Otherwise the organisation would go for an agitation keeping in view the interest of the Bengalis in this fluid situation,” the Aamra Bangali leader, said. He also demanded the transfer of all administrative offices in Darjeeling to Siliguri in view of the volatile political scenario in the Hills.

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