The topic of Gorkhaland is at high. At the ground the women groups are busy from morning till evening shouting slogans for the Gorkhaland. The online sites are also updated every hour on the topic. here I have tried to capture some of the thoughts expressed in different online sites:
From Orkut (
Is Gorkhaland practically feasible?
I am a Bengali. Although I am not against the idea of Gorkhaland I still have some doubts. If you take the Darjeeling district as a sperate state then it will be the smallest state in India in terms of population:-I give below the statistics of some of the small states in India in terms of population :-Goa 1,400,000Nagaland 1,988,636Manipur 2,388,634Mizaoram 888,573Tripura 3,191,168Sikkim 540,493Pondicherry 9,73,829What is the population of darjeeling District in terms of population ?107,530 (according to 2001 census). Out of which at least 30% is Non-Nepalese…Do you really think it is feasible?

Goa 1,400,000Nagaland 1,988,636Manipur 2,388,634Mizaoram 888,573Tripura 3,191,168Sikkim 540,493Pondicherry 9,73,829These are small but economically better performing states in India, as compared to, say, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orisa or even Haryana in some aspects. So the size does have its arguments in favour of Gorkhaland, which will eventually comprise of not just darjeeling, but also its adjoining areas of Siliguri and Dooars.Europe is another example where small states have faired better on socio-economic parameters.

Ok.. Starting with population… the figure you have quoted here 1, 07, 191 (census 2001) is only for the Darjeeling Municipality area which covers 10.70 Sq. Kms in and around Darjeeling town and not for the Proposed Gorkhaland state…. This population is 100% Gorkhali as we do not discriminate between different communities… everyone in Gorkhaland will be a Gorkhali with no discrimination what so ever…. Don’t take my word for it you can ask any of the non-Gorkhalis in Darjeeling and Kurseong and Kalimpong and see what they feel… The expected population of the proposed area is going to be around 8, 50,000, which will have an even distribution of 30% Bengali’s, 35% Gorkhalis, 30% Rajbanshis and other ethnic tribes and 5% rest… This will allow for every one to live harmoniously and equally without any group dominating the other.Next comes the real issue of economic sustenance… please rest assured that we will be a revenue surplus state… just a few quick considerations….All the hydro-electric generation units in North-Bengal are in the proposed Gorkhaland area.. which will make us a power surplus state and we will generate revenues by selling this power to states like WB, Bihar and Orissa….The tea industry which contributes half of WB revenue currently will belong to the proposed Gorkhaland state, which will be used to revitalize the currently dis-functional gardens, thus ensuring more employment and earnings. Darjeeling tea has been accorded Geographical Indicator (GI) status at par with Champagne and Cognac by the WTO, as a result of which the price for Darjeeling Tea has climbed geometrically, however, the benefits are yet to reach the masses, which will be the priority for the Government of Gorkhaland. The proposed state of Gorkhaland is the richest source of natural resources, which includes both in situ and ex situ uses. You must be aware that the Eastern Himalayan region falls under IUCN bio-diversity hot spot, thus making it the most attractive for tourists and conservationists world over…. Th Government of Gorkhaland will invest heavily on developing sustainable tourism facilities, the focus will be on Eco-tourism and Nature based tourism.Herb and horticultures will be promoted extensively and the Government of Gorkhaland will make certain selected areas in Chalsa, Damdim, Dalshingpara, Mangpoo, Kalimpong, Nagarkatta etc the herbal and horticultural capital of India (and over the years South-Asia).The main focus of the Government of Gorkhaland will be to develop human resources in such a way that the state does not has to rely on outsiders for running the economy. The state of Gorkhaland will be equal employer and will provide Universal Health care and education free of cost for the state citizens.Educational institutes will be funded and encouraged to attract students from all over India and the world. So that the glory of Darjeeling as the Oxford of The East is established. Every state citizen will be taught in English, Bengali, Nepali, Kamptapuri (which will be recognized as one of the state languages and reccommended to be included as a national language) and other languages, which the student will be free to choose from.All the cultures, heritage and traditions will be protected and preserved, under the Ministry for Culture and Languages, Government of Gorkhaland. Special funds will be allocated to preserve tribes like Lepchas and Totos.
The Government of Gorkhaland will set up advance learning centers and scholarships so that our students will be able to access the best education world over. If required special reservations for Totos and Lepchas (and any other such tribes) will be put in place.The government of Gorkhaland will develop sustainably without harming the environment, every care will be taken to protect the environment and the livelihood of the people.The government of Gorkhaland will not allow MNCs to develop any project or plan without agreeing to employ 80% state citizen, this will be done to protect the economic well being of the state citizens.The government of Gorkhaland will develop and maintain medicinal plants facilities, the government will further support any individual, firm or organization to undertake medicinal plant related operation. Which will then be exported to firms in and outside India.The Government of Gorkhaland will set up cold storage across the state to promote proper stocking of food products, food processing plants will be set up and the policy of free and fair trade will be employed to compensate the people involved.Local handicrafts and hand loom products will me marketed internationally, every individual thus employed will be paid a FAIR PRICE for their effortsIn Gorkhaland no discrimination will be entertained what so ever and violators will be severely punished. Outsiders will be welcome to lend a hand in the development process, however, they will not be given residential status unless the Government of India does so after due processing (the terms for which will be laid out in the State Act). This will be done to ensure the protection of local residents and to check illegal immigration (from other states and other south-Asian countries)
This is just a basic idea for our economic sustainability, if you need more details please feel free to contact, shortly an economic model for the state of Gorkhaland will be prepared for which contributions from all quarters of India will be sough, if you have any comments or criticisms you will be welcome to do so.
$@nde&h r@i
well evry1 seems to hav different view…….bt wat i do feel is dat statehood is d only means to show our existence in India……even today people do ask whre u frm?? if we say we r frm West Bengal, they consider us as bengali…..nw please dnt get me wrng out here….m not against bengali coz i do hav bengali frens n m much closer to them……India is a Democratic country n is made up of different cultures but thre lies 1 fact dat evrythng happens on community basis…….I hav stayed in a hostel whre u can find people frm different states n even out thre, groupism can b seen…….its d mindset of d people n it has to b changed first……if dis happens i dnt think so thre ll b any need to hav a new state…….i guess in future thre should b only 1 community called Indian community……
Dear Saugata and Sanjay… Thanks for input and your concern…. Saugata…. so you think it’s only the Gorkhalis?? Do you know that Kamptapur Peoples Party (KPP) is supporting and actively taking part in the Gorkhaland movement??? Do you know that it’s not only the Gorkhalis but also Bengalis.. Muslims.. Marwaris who are demanding Gorkhaland??? probably not.. because the media in North-Bengal is absolutely controlled by CPI(M) and whenever there was an attack on GJM supporters which did include Bengalis… Kamptapuris… Muslims… the press always called it a clash between GJM and locals…. instead of saying a clash between GJM and CPI(M)…. Even though this movement is very open and inclusive.. the CPI(M) and it’s frontal organizations like Amra Bangali, BBBBC etc have been trying to paint it with ethnic color… However, more and more people are supporting the movement… I agree we need to work more towards generating support from other communities as well… and I am sure people like YOU and SANJAY can be of big help.Sanjay… see the points that you have made are very valid and that’s the reason why we are demanding Gorkhaland… nothing is allowed to flourish in WB and we will never be able to develop Darjeeling, Terai and Duars unless we are free from WB and CPI(M) hegemony…. Don’t worry about the money, as I said before we have more than enough resources to sustain and make our’s a revenue surplus state withing 3-5 years…. and guess what Siliguri being the trade hub will be benefiting the most…Support Gorkhaland for a Better Future

༒Azad (गुर्खा)༒
Creation of new states, earlier along ethnic and linguistic lines and later along economic and political lines in india is fairly a recent phenomenon, more so after independence. Prior to independence british had divided india into major blocks/provinces and princely states for administrative purposes.Several new states and union territories have been created out of existing states since 1956.Bombay State was split into the linguistic states of Gujarat and Maharashtra on 1 May 1960 by the Bombay Reorganisation Act. The Punjab Reorganisation Act of 1966 divided the Punjab along linguistic and religious lines, creating a new Hindu and Hindi-speaking state of Haryana, transferring the northern districts of Punjab to Himachal Pradesh, and designating Chandigarh, the shared capital of Punjab and Haryana, a union territory. Nagaland was made a state in 1962, Meghalaya and Himachal Pradesh in 1971, Tripura and Manipur in 1972. Arunachal Pradesh was made a union territory in 1972. The Kingdom of Sikkim joined the Indian Union as a state in 1975. Mizoram was made a state in 1986, Goa and Arunachal Pradesh in 1987,while Goa’s northern exclaves of Daman and Diu became a separate union territory. In 2000 three new states were created; Jharkhand was created out of the southern districts of Bihar, Chhattisgarh was created out of eastern Madhya Pradesh, and Uttaranchal, since renamed Uttarakhand, was created out of the Hilly regions of northwest Uttar Pradesh. The Union Territories of Delhi and Pondicherry ( remamed to Puducherry )have since been given the right to elect their own legislatures, and have acquired full statehood.

DEVIL getting
im absoutly…agree with angzee….im from delhi….too…and i support gorkhaland with all my heart and want this dream to come true…even though im a resident of delhi…but my hometown is darjeeling……im not much into all that satctic things….but i know one thing….argueing wat will happen if we get or not….or wat will be the economical status…of drajeeling after being gorkhaland…….thats not the queation right now…cos the main agenda is we want gorkhaland cos we want a better life so that oue brother ans sisters don’t have to go…far away from…thr hometown…and get exploited in other states,,,just cos of thr appereance…….if talking abt finacially…then i think …nebdy in this community don’t have to worry…cos once….gorkhaland is acheived….then thr r enough people gorkhali here in india and darjeeling…and all around the world……to…help.. mr. sanjay saugata…with all do respect y u both r concentrating on population….of gorkhalis in darjeeling only..i know ur correct with ur statics or can be wrong….but …it is the reason….for low population cos of the situation and the poverty that people had to suffer….if gorkhaland is acheived …they all come back to thr land for…better and i guess…..u both frds will b ready with ur stats to count how many gorkhalis r thr now….ok……..wat abt the gorkalis living out of the state…., abroad….have u tried to count them…..thr were more gorkhalis then this in india when Damber singh gurung ….represented gorkhalis in parliament……while requesting for gorkhaland 1st time in parliament……..well even if i forget all this i said above…..give me one good reason y we should keep ourself attached to a state……who’s so call ministrs call gorkhalis…..a foreinger…..ur talking abt unity and indian hood when ur own govt consider us foreinger……..sumant sen one of the senior jounroulist from the telegarm news paper ….wrote …in a such a discriment way abt gorkhalis..and abt thr origin….calling us forigner……….ur…so called…mr.chakaraborty………made a..public…speech in which he stated…that india gorkhas r forienger………….how do u expect us to…belive on these kind of burocrates…..will devolope……darjeeling….neways….if they had ne intention of such kind they would have done far better to devolope……darjeeling i guess this….queation of gorkhaland woudn’t have arised……..we want gorkhaland….cos…a every single person in drajeeling wheather he is gorkhali or non-gorkhali…..wants a better life for him and his family………which WB govt. failled to do so by ignoring….it….i guess this will b enough…..u don’t have to worry abt…..revenue or..size of the state……we gorkhalis…..we have livied and …survived ever condition….how worst can it be now…………………gorkhaland is wat we want that is wat we will have……and it dosn’t matter…how long we have to wait.

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  1. I am from Kolkata. I had been residing in Siliguri for my studies for the last two years. What I’ve found about the Gorkhaland movemnet is its very illogical and the way things are carried out are very painful. Darjeeling was one of the most preferred destination for tourist like us who love hills. But the hulligonus approach by Bimal Gurung and his group is really pathetic. He himself is very sure that he is not going to get GORKHALAND as creating Gorkhaland is not creating DISNEYLAND. The nepalis are very sober and decent community. the only thing they lack is brains. So if by motivating these fools some money could be made whats the harm!! Infact Madan Tamang said the same thiong in a press conference and what happened after that he was killed in broad day light. No body now dares to open up his mouth yet they all have lost faith in their “Supremo”, as they call him ands his “chela chamundas”. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Mukunda Majumder who is fighting for the rights ofd the Bengalis. The CPIM govt isn playing a waiting game just for the elections. They are trying to use this as a issue for their election campaign which tghey would surely loose. So you Buggers be cautious, after the election Ashojk Bhattacharjee is going to fuck the stupids left and right. So fuckers beware as your days are numbered

  2. It will be nano state of India, which cover half of the existing parliamentary constitutency and will send a half-size M.P in the loksabha. Out of 3 MLA, one will be ruling party, one opposition party and one will take the seat of Speaker. For such small state, one High Court, one Secretariate and one Assembly. If such type of nano state emerges on emotional attachment, there will be 100 of nano-states India and the establishment will come. Do they have the capacity to earn such a huge revenue to run the show ? Reality stays, not emoition. run out

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