The nuclear deal issue is at its high. Mayawati has already withdrawn her support from the UPA alliance, Congress is looking for support from Mulayam Singh Yadav. CPM has bluntly rejected the proposal of Nuclear deal.
In the earlier stage when the nuclear deal became a big issue Nandigram happened and Congress sold it with Nandigram. This time again the nuclear deal has surfaced and Gorkhaland movement is at high. The mainstream media is giving trifle news of Gorkhaland vis-a vis N-deal. Today Rosan Giri led GJM team is in the capital asking for Gorkhaland and Kolkata TV said that center is ready for the tripatrite meeting. But it did not say what will be the topic of talk. Subash Chakraborty (CP(I)M) is adhering to his former stand and so is Priya Ranjan Das Munsi that there will be no separate state of Gorkhaland.
At this juncture what will be the fate of the Gorkhaland movement?
This time without invitation from the center the GJM team is in Capital and the report says that they are there to lobby for the Gorkhaland. In the middle of the day (2 pm news) the news comes that they have been assured of the tripatrite talk. Very astonishing!! Will Centre (UPA) government save its government and N-deal by selling Gorkhaland movement to CP(I)M this time like they sold Nandigram earlier and saved its govenment and CP(I)M?
As I see this is a seer eyewash from the side of Center. There is no moment of jubiliation here and GJM cannot take this as a victory as this could be the end of the Gandhigiri movement.

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  1. I have not got the 51 pages documants submitted by all party deligation at Delhi. Kindly send me one copy of the same at my above email.

  2. Dear Lekhnath,
    You can download the document from My share widget at the right hand corner of the is site.

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