GJM crumbles on popular pressure calls off Indefinite strike until Saturday evening

Darjeeling: After a marathon meeting, the Central Committee of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has decided to call off the Indefinite Strike starting today 6pm until Saturday 6 pm. The decision was taken over mounting pressure from people and citizen’s group requesting Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leadership to allow people to prepare themselves for the long strikes and shut downs. Hotel Owners have lamented that if the Strike was to be as suddenly called off as it was called for, why had the tourists been forced to leave the hills. There were no clarifications from the leadership. However, Bimal Gurung, GJM President lamented on the hardship the Tourists had to suffer.lamented on the hardship the Tourists had to suffer. (Becon online)


One Response

  1. Can anyone even begin to fathom the enormous hardship faced by the ordinary tourist-who found his family unsafe,no food available,exorbitant taxi rates,a hostile local population.

    These people will never come back……….and tourism will certainly take a beating.The true character of the local populance came out in evidence,and this is so sad.

    Darjeeling is such a wonderful place,but …………need I say more.

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