Darjeeling Bandh

Bishal “Kirat” Rai:

I understand and do agree that most of the people from Darjeeling Hill live by daily earnings and it would be really hard time for them to face these Strikes. Darjeeling totally depends on tourism and telling the tourist to leave Darjeeling for upcoming indefinite strikes would sound some more difficult.

GJM has always tried to bond the Gorkha people all around world. GJM’s main motive to unite the Gorkha people and safeguard their interest where they are in minority. There are lots of Gorkha people in Naxalbari, wherein they have been socially, politically, educationally, boycotted.

GJM took the initiative to unite them and thought of making them socially, politically, educationally conscious.

GJM took several initiatives to hold a “Workshop” in Naxalbari. However, the permission was denied by the West Bengal Government ruled by CPI (M), who is totally against the up-liftment of Gorkhali community.

There are several evidences that GJM had requested for permission which was denied several times – The reason for denial is – “Security Concerns”

Two words – Security Concerns

How can Gorkhali people say that they are safe in West Bengal when they cant provide security to mere 1,000 people when they want to hold a workshop for social awareness.
Quite amazing we are in West Bengal.

Now coming to the point again :

As GJM had requested for the permission to hold Workshop on Gorkhaland. The permission was denied.

The only alternative was Dharna (bhok hartal) in non-violent way. No, one was accused, it was just a bhok hartal.

Now, these people where on Bhok Hartal were physically assaulted, man handled, attacked with latthis, stones and were the victim of abusive languages.
These people on Dharna (Bhok Hartal) were attacked by the so called NGO grouped backed by CPI(M) and local administration.

Now …The only democratic (non violent) way left in the hands of GJM was Strike.

NB : the only way to protest in a non-violent way in INDIA is Strike.

Tourist in Darjeeling and Sikkim were given enough time (36 hours) to leave Darjeeling so that they do not face any inconvenience. Tourists were explained the cause of the Strike and the people of Darjeeling requested these tourists to visit Darjeeling again. Some of the tourists were interviewed and they expressed that they would prefer to come Darjeeling again. These tourists were not at all harassed by the people of Darjeeling.

Most of the tourist understood the need of Gorkhaland. Some, of them even took part in meetings organized by the people of Darjeeling.

Just because of this legitimate Strike – All the leading News Papers and News Channels (National and International) have reported about Darjeeling’s demand Gorkhaland.

The News Channels that reported about Gorkhaland in India are as follows :

Aaj Tak – Leading News Channel.
India TV
Times Now
Zee News
News 24
BBC World

To name few News Papers that covered the demand of Gorkhaland after this strike are :

Hindustan Times (Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai)
Hindustan– Hindi (Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai)
Times of India (Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai)
The Telegraph – West Bengal
Metro Now – Delhi
The Statesmen – West Bengal
The Pioneer – (Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai)
Punjab Kesari – Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh
The Hindu -(Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai)
Indian Express (Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai)
Mail Today – Delhi
Jan Satta – Delhi
Nav Bharat Times –Delhi
Dainik Jagaran – Delhi
Deccan Chronicle – (Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Mumbai)
Anand Bazar Partika – (Delhi, West Bengal)
Amar Ujjala – Delhi
Dainik Bhaskar – Delhi

This speaks a small Success Story to begin with.

This News has brought attention to the Movement and from this that we must carry on forward.

Gorkhaland movement in its present avatar is different from the earlier one. There are lots of intellectuals involved in the movement.

The difference people find between Subash Ghising and Bimal Gurung is :

Subash Ghising never wanted intellectuals to be a part of his movement. However, Bimal Gurung is opposite. He wants all the intellectuals to be part of his movement.

Bimal Gurung is the one and only person who initiated second Phase for Gorkhaland
Bimal Gurung is the only person who braved to go against all the odds.
Bimal Gurung is the only person who risked his Life to Challenge the so called undisputed leader of the Hills
Bimal Gurung is the One who unified a Dispersed Diaspora of Dreamers and Lovers of Gorkhaland.

Bimal Gurung is the One who Inspires people of all walks of life to join this Movement; he is the One who bears the brunt of all misgivings.

Today he qualifies to stand tall to lead the people for achieving Gorkhaland and we should (though I would prefer to use the word ‘must’ here) support him. Right from the day he declared this movement, he has said that he does not aspire to seek to occupy a ‘Chair’ – let us believe him at least for now as the ‘Chair’ is far away at this present juncture.

Let’s support the one and only solution of Darjeeling – GORKHALAND.

Furthermore, I would request to every one to educate the people and the Media with the necessity of Gorkhaland wherever it may be – be it in India or abroad.

The legitimate need of Gorkhaland needs your support and publicity and it is first our responsibility to educate our fellow citizens about this – so please write about the necessity of the Creation of Gorkhaland.

This could be one of the greatest ways in which you could make your contribution.
So Gorkhas Go Ahead – Pen is Mightier than the Sword.
Jai Gorkha. Jai Gorkhaland. Jai Hind.


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