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  1. what r the people of darjeeling doing about the problem that they r having rite know.we should stand together and say no to what is wrong.join me in the protest.as deep inside every body know what is happening rite know is wrong

    love & peace

  2. gorkhaland is our fineal soulation other thing like a basket of sweet which is bring our parents

  3. Gorkhaland is a vital issue and total gorkha people wants separate state Gorkhaland but just fighting each other and killing our own brothers and own intellectual people is loosing own blood stream and own strength, be more broad minded and try to run together not alone, do not cut your own leg.. please B.K.Rai

  4. Dear sir,
    I have seen many articles against the Gorkhas and Gorkhaland Issue in Darjeeling and many of Bengali Journalists have been in the process of showing their view against the demand of Seperate State Gorkhaland. That was not just sufficient they are trying to misquote and showing the wrong direction in the articles which are recently I have read and understood.
    Gorkhaland issue will not affect by sugauli Treaty 1815 or Titlya treaty1817, all the maharajas of Nepal, SIkkim and then ruler Britisher and the East Indian company who were there for just to grab the opportunity in the making cash machine for the Darjeeling, pocketing high and quick money as earliest from the source of Darjeeling Area, They tried every source as Tea Plantation, Qulain Plantation, Hydro Electric, Project, Flowers fruits and Tourism etc. Now the value of the old treaty is just a bundle of trash paper, because those treaties were sign and agreed between the foreign ruler they are so called Invader and looters in others soils. when British left India and Bengal got Darjeeling as a Dowry gift but history tells that Government of India and Bengal Government’s ill treated to Gorkhas are so many examples, employment only in the Arm Forces, Para Arm Forces and House Hold Works, left over positions. That is never happened like force development, quick development and required development as per the era and as per the current population in Darjeeling. Gorkhas has been made a silent spectator between the politics of Bengal Government and Central Government, when ever even if there is a small demand they just play football hare to there and try to scrap the issue from people with big mouth and instigation and divert the main issue from the point to other angles, pulling old and long story which is meaning less for present generation. When Darjeeling was discover by British Rulers, It was a huge Gungle and absolutely No Mans Land and there were no single Lepchas and Bhutias are out of question, because they are still not Gorkhas Bhutias are migrated from the Tibet after China’s Invasion in Lasha, and then ruler of Tibet also runaway and taken shelter in India. That was the period Tibetans are settled every mountain and high hill area in all over India wherever they reached and started their refugee status but how ever as many are settled in abroad after UNO approved Green Card status in G7 countries for Refugees. But Bhutias are still there and particularly in Darjeeling, buying some caste certificate and joining some Government Jobs plus using as a weapon and shields for Bhutias and Lepchas by the Bengali politics and Bengali Government will not work in permanent basis.
    How come Bengali is ruling in Darjeeling ? what kind of prof and paper are you Holding that Darjeeling was part of Bengal? You have nothing prof and you can not prove for the entire your life. That only you can do is Instigation, Backbiting, try to show all complication of the history, and misguide the young generation from the fact. You only can do is dominating Gorkha People as much as you can, sending troops and arm forces, and kill all the agitators and demonstrators who ever asking their rights by birth and shouting on the road , postering, meetings and demanding Separate State Gorkha Land. This is the only final conclusion and final solution for the better development of Darjeeling area and better future of Gorkha People.

  5. Darjeeling is queen of hill..and known as by tourism place’where the Gorkhas survives from thousand years ago.And they have a right to secure that place. as a citizen of of this country (India) The recent pm know this issue very well…

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