LF wants resolution to Darjeeling crisis

SILIGURI, May 26: The Left parties CPI, RSP and Forward Bloc have demanded an all-party meeting and the involvement of the Centre in the negotiation process for a viable solution to the Darjeeling tangle. “The issue is serious and the state government is not the exclusive authority to decide things. An all-party meeting should be convened and the Centre must be involved in the process without further delay,” the leaders of the LF constituents demanded. While the RSP is toying with the idea of reviving the Darjeeling ZP, all the three parties favoured a Constitutional amendment for a permanent solution. Welcoming the recent negotiation between the chief minister and the GJMM leadership in Kolkata the CPI said the seriousness of the issue required immediate involvement of the Centre. “A Constitutional amendment may be necessary in the direction of evolving a solution within the framework of the state. The Centre’s involvement is required in the dialogue,” Mr Pijush Guha, a CPI state committee member said. “An all-party meeting should be convened and all the viewpoints should be heard. The Centre’s role is vital,” the FB Darjeeling district secretary Mr Smritish Bhattacharya said. Taking a distinct stand on the issue the RSP floated a proposal of reviving the Darjeeling ZP after repealing the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council and the Siliguri mahakuma marishad. nSNS


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