BBBBS demands identification of Indian Nepalis before talks

Statesman News Service SILIGURI, May 26: The Bangla O Bangla Bhasa Bachao Samiti has demanded identification of the Indian Nepalis before negotiations between the state government and the representatives of the Darjeeling hill-based political outfits. “The Bengali populace of Siliguri would not give credence to any negotiation to untangle the Darjeeling crisis until the foreigners and the Indian Nepalis are differentiated,” Dr Mukunda Majumder, the president, BBBBS affirmed.“We suspect that some of the negotiators representing the hills are not from this country. Only the genuine Indian Nepalis are entitled to take part in the negotiations,” Dr Majumder said.He further said that 1950 should be declared the cut-off year for the identification of the Indian Nepalis and the antecedents of those having come into India after that year should be thoroughly looked into.“It is queer that there is yet no government instrumentation to distinguish the genuine citizens from the mere settlers. Taking advantage of government nonchalance, thousands of people from a neighboring country have been getting into India, settling down and then claim they were Indian citizens,” the BBBS leader affirmed.Terming the 1950 Indo-Nepal treaty a ‘bane’ for India and a ‘boon’ for Nepal, he demanded an immediate abrogation of the treaty. “It puzzles us why the Centre is not interested in reviewing the treaty, though the Nepali Maoist leader Prachanda has publicly advocated for its review from the end of Nepal’s new dispensation,” he said.


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