Anti- Gorkhaland body to meet CM over GJMM’s use of DGHC property

Statesman News ServiceSILIGURI, May 25: The controversy over the unabated use of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council tourist resort ‘Pintail Village’ in Siliguri by the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha for political purposes has been resented by a Siliguri based anti-Gorkhaland apolitical body. The body has decided to meet the chief minister Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on the issue.Named Janajagarana – the anti-Gorkhaland body, has worked out a delegation, which would meet the CM at the Writers’ Buildings in Kolkata. “We have approached the chief minister’s office for an appointment and once we avail that, the delegation would leave for the Writers’,” said Mr Ashok Hore, joint secretary of the newly formed body. Expressing resentment at the ‘indiscriminate’ use of the ‘Pintail Village’ by the GJMM for political purpose, the Janajagarana leader said: “Mr Bimal Gurung is holding Press conferences at the resort regularly as if it was his party office. Despite this open misuse of a public property, the administration is keeping mum.”Janajagarana, which surfaced recently to campaign against the Gorkhaland demand revived by the GJMM, has also condemned Mr Gurung’s call for dissolution of the DGHC. “He does not have any proven mandate to give such an undemocratic call and to risk the livelihood of thousands of individuals employed with the DGHC. In our meeting with the CM, we would also urge him to take a strong stand against such undemocratic gestures,” Mr Hore said.Meanwhile, the hill based political party, the All India Gorkha League too has criticised the GJMM for using the ‘Pintail Village’ for political purpose. “On one hand, Mr Bimal Gurung is calling for the dissolution of the DGHC, while on the other, his party is actively involved in the implementation of several development projects initiated by the Council in the hills. He is also using the ‘Pintail Village’ frequently. Are these not contradictory?” the AIGL president, Mr Madan Tamang questioned.However The DGHC Jalpaiguri divisional commissioner, Mr BL Meena did not have a say on the GJMM’s use of ‘Pintail Village’.

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