The movement for the Gorkhaland under the leadership of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has been in its leap. The siliguri public meeting of 7th May 2008 could be a turning point for the movement. But still the movement has to answer many questions and issues. The major issues which I perceive are:
1. Bimal Gurung said that he will not leave an inch of Duars and Siliguri but still the final map of the Gorkhaland is not been made public.
2. What is the real outcome of the movement till date? No such report has been heard or felt. Yes the movement started with ousting of subash Ghising from the DGHC’s chair of administrator, GJMM wanted to held meeting at siliguri and bouts of dual fight between Ashok Bhattachargee and Bimal took place, now State government is willing to heald talks with the party.
3. How the issue of Duars and Siliguri will be solved? It is harder than imagination.
4. It is very visible from the news print that there is no consensus between the different political parties in the hills on the issue of Gorkhaland.
5. No political parties have come with a clear strategy on their own nor a collective strategy. The movement may suffer a limp if the situation does not change.
6. Where is the intellengentia? Earlier when 6th schedule was the hot topic we read a lot from Prof. Shanti now only one person Mr. P. Arjun can be read with his GJMM ideology. Where are the others? Are they afraid? Afraid of what? When Haren Gjhosh and party can encash the news print and propagate the anti Gorkhaland idea where is our intellengentia to promote Gorkhaland movement? Why there are no articles on the movement in the English and Bengali print?
7. When the issue of Identity is raised, then the issue of coverage too emerges. What about the people living in Sikkim,Bhagshu, Assam, Nagaland, Maharastra, Jharkhand and Bihar etc. There is a discussion going on in some of the blogs that we are Gorkhas not Nepali. Will Sikkim accept the new identity? If so what about our literature, culture? Did ever exist the so called Gorkha literature or culture?
8. Lobbying: Where is the support from the other parties at the National scenario? We need Lalu Prasad, BJP from Rajasthan, Congress from UP, Himachal Pradesh, SDF from Sikkim and regional pary support from Assam and North east. Where are they?
9. Left front in their congress decisions have clerly said that they do not support separate statehood under the criteria of ethnicity. How are we going to fight it?
There are many issues that needs to be answered till we get Gorkhaland. Bimal Gurung cannot work in isolation and simply organizing rallies and speeches do not lead us towards the goal. It is high time for him to consolidate all the parties of the hills together under the Common minimum issues. Intellectuals, chamber of commerce, lobby group, Human rights activists etc should be involved.

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