Darjeeling leads north districts in HS – Who’s got what?

Siliguri, May 20: Darjeeling’s performance is the best among the north Bengal districts in this year’s Higher Secondary examinations.
It is also the only district in the region where the girls have performed marginally better than the boys. In all other districts, the boys have taken the lead.
“The percentage of students who have passed in Darjeeling district is 80.57, the highest in north Bengal,” said Mukta Narginari, deputy secretary, West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, north Bengal. “This is a remarkable increase from last year’s 74.05 per cent.”
While 80.36 per cent of boys were successful, girls have performed slightly better with 80.84 per cent passing.
The overall success rate of students in north Bengal has improved this year, Narginari said. Compared to last year’s 67.13 per cent, this time, 71.25 per cent students have cleared the Plus II exams. While 73.39 per cent of boys passed, the girls are behind with 67.93 per cent of them passing.
The pass percentage of South Dinajpur, which comes second after Darjeeling, is 72.31 per cent and the pass rate among girls is 68.04 per cent. In case of boys it is 75 per cent.
The third position went to Malda, where the pass percentage is 71.89. Among the girls 69.71 per cent have passed and of the boys 73.20 per cent.
In Jalpaiguri, 69.7 per cent of students have passed. The pass rate among girls is 67.70 per and that of the boys is 71.24 per cent.
The pass percentage in Cooch Behar is 67.26 per cent. While 62.54 per cent of girls have passed, the percentage of boys is 70.54 per cent.
In North Dinajpur, which has fared the worst, the pass percentage is 65.75 per cent. The divide in performance between the girls and boys is also the highest in this district. While 70.02 per cent boys have passed, only 58 per cent of girls have cleared the exams this year.
Most schools in Siliguri said they were happy with the results though the top scores were a little less compared to last year. “Like every year, our results have been good and our students have got some of the best marks in the district,” said Chandan Das, the headmaster of Siliguri Boys’ High School. Of the 260 students who had taken the exams from the school, 250 have passed, Das added. Saikat Guha has topped with 453.
Kalyani Chakraborty, the headmistress of Siliguri Girls’ High School said Aakhi Mukherjee has scored 427, the highest in her institution. “Of the 252 students, 246 have passed. None of the students from science and commerce streams have failed,” she added.
In Sister Margaret (Nivedita) High School, the pass percentage is 98.24 per cent. “Of the 341 candidates who took the exam, 335 have passed,” headmaster M.K. Laha said. “Souvik Debnath has scored the highest with 444 marks. We have a slightly higher number of failures this year compared to last time when only one student had failed,” he added.(The Telegraph)

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