Ghisingh era designs to go

Darjeeling, May 18: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha-controlled municipality has decided to alter the shape and purpose of two of Subash Ghisingh’s symbolic constructions in town.
For one, the civic body will bring down a portion of the Jung Bahadur garden at Chowrastha with its concrete floor, stalls and boundary wall.
“As directed by (Morcha president) Bimal Gurung, we will immediately dismantle this new construction, which is such an eyesore. Ghisingh had made the stalls to sell tongba (local brew), but we will revert back to the green garden that was there before,” said Dinesh Gurung, the vice-chairman of the municipality.
GNLF-chief Subash Ghisingh had spent Rs 20 lakh from the DGHC fund to renovate the garden in a record 29 days. Afterwards, a musical fountain installed there used to blare out Hindi tunes, while the municipality charged Rs 10 from visitors as entry fee.
“We will keep the fountain intact, but all the other concrete structures will be pulled down. The municipality will use its own funds for the work,” said Dinesh.
Ghisingh, who had inaugurated the fountain on October 10, 2005, had come in for flak as it used up 10,000 gallons of water at a time where there was acute water shortage in town.
From tomorrow, the municipality will also throw open the gates of Sumero Manch at Chowk Bazar to the people.
“We will rename it Gitangey Dara as it used to be called earlier. We have also decided not to lock the gates to the podium as this is the property of the people and everyone should have the right to use it,” said Dinesh.
In Ghisingh’s time, the municipality used to keep the keys of the gate and organisations wanting to use the space had to pay Rs 500. As a result, Opposition parties in the hills usually held their public meetings not on the Manch proper but on the space alongside it. (The Telegraph)

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