Gorkhaland, Party and the People

The movement which strted with a small spark of Indian Idol has reached to a place of no come back. It looks very encouraging after reading todays news material in Himalaya Darpan. The intellengentia is coming together, Ashok Bhattacharjee is soft at the moment as he says it is not his personal stand against the Gorkhaland but of the Party which is obvious AND every body knows it. But what about the CPM cadres and party men in the hills? Recently a friend (Amos) of mine from siliguri was sharing with me an incident that happened in Milan Chowk CPM meeting with Nepali partymen prior to Siliguri Public meeting. Ashok Bhattacharjee was the honorable guest in that meeting. At the time of vote of thanks the person praised CPM, Ashok Bhattacharjee and at last he said,” What ever it is we the people of Hills, siliguri and Duars should come together and fight for the Gorkhaland, at any cost we want Gorkhaland. every body applause but Ashok Bhattacharjee left the meeting further talking with the people. What it shows is that irrespective of party affiliation everybody wants Gorkhaland to happen. Trinamul leadership also has spoken today of talking over the issue after the panchayat election.
But the fact remains that the people in the hills should be more cautious about themselves. The hills have the history of Ghisingh administration. Everybody says that Ghisingh was dictator and he ruled over everything. But my question is who allowed this to happen? It is the people. When people do not show social responsibility and are not accountable to what they are doing the state will certainly take the opportunity to overrule the masses and this is exactly Ghisingh and his cottaire did. Now it is the time for the people to think and rationalize their status as far as political affiliation is concerned. Yes it is true that in the hills GJMM is trying thewir level best to woo the masses to their side so that afterwards they can be the ruler and this is their right to do so. again looking back at the history people should never allow this to happen: One party show, it will again be the same Ghisingh syndrome in the hills. Let people remain in their own party affiliation or change if they like but not under threat or boycott. But it is vitally important that irrspedctive of the party affiliation all parties and people should come together and sing the same song.
Read for more insights in the clips from Himalaya darpan

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