Five minutes (11.55 am) before I had a talk with one of my friends attending GJMM’s public meeting at Indira Gandhi Maidan at Siliguri. He says, the turn over of the people has crossed 1.5 lakhs and is expected to reach 2 lakhs as the people from darjeeling are not able to reach here due to traffic jam at Ghoom. He said 70% of the participants are women. The participnats are from Duars, Kalimpong, Mirik, Kurseong.

Administration has laid down 9 point code for the meeting but some of the codes have been violated. Flags of the party (GJMM) has been used, slogans has been uttered, meeting started at 11.30 instead of 10 am.

Amra Bangala has called the 24 hour strike in Siliguri in against the Gorkhaland demand and my friend said that this has helped the GJMM to conduct the meeting in an easier way. First there is no traffic problem (no bus, tempo and rickshaws), Second, all the Nepali employees could attend the meeting without taking the leave, third, hotels being closed it is a gala time for the participants for they have brought the food themselves. Only problem is the heat.

At this moment the leaders from KPP is addressing the crowd.

As and when I get the news I will try to inform the esteemed readers.


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