GJMM’s ‘modus operandi’

In the past few days the report says that Morcha was not allowed to satge a rally at Siliguri on 27th April. Soon they declared it will hold rallies in Siliguri anytime between April 28 and 30, despite the Bengal government making it clear that no permission would be granted for such a programme. Again on 28th the report said “Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leaders today stuck to their plan of an indefinite hunger strike in Darjeeling district and the Dooars from May 1 after the Bengal government refused to alter its position and give them permission to hold political programmes in Siliguri.The Siliguri subdivisional office has been selected as one of the venues of the fast.”
At the Hills the morcha supporters are busy building their base. The approach is threatening (thank God there is no hatta bahar), coercing. The people are coerced or forced to join Morcha. Donations are asked. Gurung and his core team is busy in mobilizing the masses at Duars and they have been successful. Kamtapur People’s Party(KPP) is supporting the movement. The critical mass of the movement is being established. The foot rallyiest are welcomed in all of the plcaces they visited which is a welcome gesture from the mass. The critical factor is Siliguri. The Morcha is not been able to establish its foot hold there as it is facing retaliation from the non-neplese community specially Bengalis. Till now the process of revolution is peaceful and as per the aspirations of the masses. The base which Morcha was trying to establish in the hills is almost complete with the Duars in the footline. The siliguri factor is the cliche. A big question arises how will Morcha proceed further? Will Governemt lend its ear to the Morcha’s cry? Will Ashok Bhattacharjee be able to pacify the Morcha and entangle them in other business? Or will Morcha opt for the muscle war along with the politics?
Morcha has declared that it will stop paying the taxes and revenue state Government and will use GL as taxi number plate. Will they be successful in implementing the strategy? Morcha has declared to form Gorkhaland Police. (I heard that they have started recruitment process too but not confirmed)
It is worth quoting Prachanda here, “In history, wherever there has been a revolutionary movement, when people’s movement moves forward – in the process of revolution, a clique of feudal elements will be staying within the fortification of the army. They will stay in there until their end comes but in the end, revolution will, as seen by history, destroy the feudal elements and in the end, these elements will have to come to the people’s court and be tried. When the revolution begins, they will be staying within the army barracks and army protection and so they will not be the ones caught at the beginning. History has always shown this.” Is Gurung following the Prachanda way?


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