Forum minus party affiliation

Siliguri, April 23: A cross-section of citizens here has formed Jana Jagaran, an apolitical forum, to protest against the demand to include Siliguri in Gorkhaland. The demand was made by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and other associations in the hills.
“Considering the tension in brewing in Siliguri and Darjeeling district after the movement launched by the Morcha and some other organisations, we felt it imperative to form the forum,” said Ashoke Kumar Hore, the joint secretary. “It opposes the demand and seeks intervention of the state and Centre.”
The forum, with writer Haren Ghosh as the president, has critic Ashru Kumar Sikdar, physician K.C. Mitra, Siliguri College principal Moloy Karanjai, bar association president Arun Kumar Sarkar, former army captain J.K. Sengupta in the advisory committee.
“We feel that every resident of Siliguri is against the irrational and unjustified demand,” said Swarup Bhattacharjee, another joint secretary.
Political parties are taking different stance on inclusion of Siliguri in Gorkhaland. Certain compulsions are also deterring citizens to join a political platform even if they think on the similar lines, Hore said. “So we thought of forming the forum where any citizen can join, irrespective of his political affiliation.”
The forum plans to launch a campaign across Siliguri and in the suburbs. “We will approach clubs, NGOs, trade bodies and associations representing different communities, seeking their support,” he added. (The Telegraph)


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