Today’s paper quoted Bimal Gurung saying that he is at the verge of using the last weapon for the movement. The movement in the hills shows that it is taking a new turn. The movement has shifted from hills to the plains. As per the action plan there is plan for footmarch from Hills to Kolkata by 10001 GJMM cadres. Bimal is asking students to get ready even if they have to sacrifice one year of their studies. Women wing is going to block Rajesh Padey from entering Darjeeling. KPP and greater Coochbehar supremos are supporting Gurung.
Involvement of students is a good step the leadership has thought about. The student movement in all over the workld has been seen as a success approach. The student movement of Bihar, student movement of Nepal are the recent success stories seen around the district. But the gap is still been seen that all the political parties of the hills are not united till date. CPM has started showing the same nature as it had shown in the 80’s movement. GJMM is still after lambasting Ghisingh, which looks an approach of GJMM to keep its hold in the hills. But one thing is very clear that the hill will not be suffering as far as transportation, economic, market, tourism is concerned as these facilities will be opened even if there will be bandhs etc. From the progress seen in the hills it looks that Bhattacharya will have sleepless nights as he will be the first shock absorver.

More details of the stories in the below attached Nepali paper.

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